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Songs by The Desert Wolves
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Besotted Pontification (LP+CD)
Besotted Speak To Me Rochelle (7"+12")
Besotted Pontification Plus Four (CD)
Desolation Sunday Morning Love Scattered Lives (12")
Desolation Sunday Morning Pontification (LP+CD)
Desolation Sunday Morning Pontification Plus Four (CD)
La Petite Rochelle Pontification Plus Four (CD)
La Petite Rochelle Speak To Me Rochelle (7"+12")
Love Scattered Lives Love Scattered Lives (12")
Love Scattered Lives Pontification (LP+CD)
Love Scattered Lives Pontification Plus Four (CD)
Love Scattered Lives Pontification (LP+CD)
Mexico Pontification (LP+CD)
Mexico Pontification Plus Four (CD)
Mexico The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.1 (LP+CD comp. )
Mexico Speak To Me Rochelle (7"+12")
November Pontification (LP+CD)
November Pontification Plus Four (CD)
Passion In The Afternoon Pontification (LP+CD)
Passion In The Afternoon Bananas! (LP comp. )
Passion In The Afternoon Pontification Plus Four (CD)
Passion In The Afternoon (version) Pontification Plus Four (CD)
She Wore My Sweater Pontification Plus Four (CD)
Skin Deep Pontification Plus Four (CD)
Speak To Me Rochelle Pontification (LP+CD)
Speak To Me Rochelle Speak To Me Rochelle (7"+12")
Speak To Me Rochelle Pontification Plus Four (CD)
Speak To Me, Rochelle Scared To Get Happy (A Story Of Indie-Pop 1980-1989) (CD-Boxset comp. )
Stopped In My Tracks Love Scattered Lives (12")
Stopped In My Tracks Pontification (LP+CD)
Stopped In My Tracks Pontification Plus Four (CD)
The Gunmetal Jaguar Pontification (LP+CD)
The Gunmetal Jaguar Pontification Plus Four (CD)
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