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Songs by John Cunningham
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Another Photograph Backwards Steps (LP+CD)
Another Photograph Hoopla (K7 comp. )
Another Photograph Hoopla - A La-Di-Da Compilation (LP comp. )
Backwards Steps Backwards Steps (LP+CD)
Bringing In The Blue Bringing In Ths Blue (CD)
Castles & Graves Backwards Steps (LP+CD)
Comic Book Notions Shankly Gates (LP+CD)
Dim Crusade Shankly Gates (LP+CD)
Five Minutes Too Late Shankly Gates (LP+CD)
Fold Down Graciously Shankly Gates (LP+CD)
High Falling Bringing In Ths Blue (CD)
Hollow Truce Shankly Gates (LP+CD)
I'm Coming Home Shankly Gates (LP+CD)
Improve The Shining Hour Bringing In Ths Blue (CD)
In Wait Backwards Steps (LP+CD)
Marysport Shankly Gates (LP+CD)
Master Grin Shankly Gates (LP+CD)
Mean Old Heart Backwards Steps (LP+CD)
Oblivious To Change Bringing In Ths Blue (CD)
One Way Mind Becket House (LP comp. )
Paradise Chosen Bringing In Ths Blue (CD)
Paris Green Bringing In Ths Blue (CD)
Punch Drunk Shankly Gates (LP+CD)
Red Stone Shankly Gates (LP+CD)
Red Stone Borobudur (LP comp. )
Release Bringing In Ths Blue (CD)
Remembrance Day Bringing In Ths Blue (CD)
Shankly Gates Shankly Gates (LP+CD)
Something You'll Never Know La Di Da Sampler (7" comp. )
Spit And Polish Shankly Gates (LP+CD)
Talktown Bringing In Ths Blue (CD)
Unarmed Bringing In Ths Blue (CD)
You'll Never Know Backwards Steps (LP+CD)
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