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Songs by Cub
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A Party Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
A Party Pep (7")
A Picnic Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Backwoods Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Box of Hair Box Of Hair (LP+CD)
Cast a Shadow Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Cast a Shadow Volcano (7")
Chico Pep (7")
Electric Chair Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Electric Chair Hot Dog Day (7")
Everything's Geometry Come Out Come Out (7"3+CD)
Exit Mauler (CD)
Exit The Day I Said Goodbye (7"+CD5 comp. )
FB Song Mauler (CD)
Flying Carpet Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Flying Carpet Hot Dog Day (7")
Freaky Box Of Hair (LP+CD)
Freaky Mauler (CD)
Go Fish Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Go Fish Mauler (CD)
Go Fish Pep (7")
Green Eyes Mauler (CD)
Howard Pop American Style (CD+LP2 comp. )
I'm Your Angel Come Out Come Out (7"3+CD)
Isabelle Come Out Come Out (7"3+CD)
It's True Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Leap Frog Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Life of Crime Come Out Come Out (7"3+CD)
Little Star Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Loaded Box Of Hair (LP+CD)
Lucky 7 Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Magic 8 Ball Box Of Hair (LP+CD)
Main and Broadway Box Of Hair (LP+CD)
Mom and Dad Box Of Hair (LP+CD)
Motel 6 Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Motel 6 Pep (7")
My Assassin Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
My Chinchilla Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
My Chinchilla Hot Dog Day (7")
My Chinchilla Mauler (CD)
My Flaming Red Bobsled Come Out Come Out (7"3+CD)
My Flaming Red Bobsled Mauler (CD)
New York City Come Out Come Out (7"3+CD)
New York City Mauler (CD)
Nicolas Bragg Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Nicolas Bragg Hot Dog Day (7")
Nicolas Bragg Mauler (CD)
Not What You Think [Live] Box Of Hair (LP+CD)
One Last Kiss Box Of Hair (LP+CD)
Pillow Queen Box Of Hair (LP+CD)
Pillow Queen FPAP (7" comp. )
Pillow Queen Mauler (CD)
Por Favor Come Out Come Out (7"3+CD)
Pregnant Mauler (CD)
Pretty Pictures Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Riverside Box Of Hair (LP+CD)
Runaway Mauler (CD)
Runaway The Day I Said Goodbye (7"+CD5 comp. )
S.G. Box Of Hair (LP+CD)
Secret Nothing Ear of the Dragon (CD comp. )
Secret Nothing Mauler (CD)
She's Like a Rainbow Cub/Beat Frequency (FLX comp. )
She's Like a Rainbow Mauler (CD)
So Far Apart Come Out Come Out (7"3+CD)
Someday Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Summer Samba Hot Dog Day (7")
Surfer Girl Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Tell Me Now Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
The Day I Said Goodbye Mauler (CD)
The Day I Said Goodbye The Day I Said Goodbye (7"+CD5 comp. )
The Day We Met Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
The Day We Met Pep (7")
They Don't Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Through My Hoop Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
Through My Hoop Hot Dog Day (7")
Ticket to Spain Come Out Come Out (7"3+CD)
Tomorrow Go Away Come Out Come Out (7"3+CD)
Vacation Come Out Come Out (7"3+CD)
Voracious Come Out Come Out (7"3+CD)
Way To Go Box Of Hair (LP+CD)
What the Water Gave Me Betti-Cola (7"2+CD)
What the Water Gave Me Pep (7")
You Know He Did Mauler (CD)
Your Bed Come Out Come Out (7"3+CD)
Your Bed Volcano (7")
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