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Songs by Lloyd Cole And The Commotions
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2cv Rattlesnakes (LP+CD)
2cv (live) Brand New Friend (7"+12")
Andy's Babies Forest Fire (7")
Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken Rattlesnakes (LP+CD)
Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken? Down At The Mission (7")
Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken? Scared To Get Happy (A Story Of Indie-Pop 1980-1989) (CD-Boxset comp. )
Big World Lost Weekend (7"+12")
Brand New Friend Brand New Friend (7"+12")
Charlotte Street Rattlesnakes (LP+CD)
ClaireFontaine (long) No More Love Songs (CD5)
ClaireFontaine (short) No More Love Songs (CD5)
Cutting Out Cutting Out (CD5)
Double Happiness Broken Record (CD)
Down At The Mission Down At The Mission (7")
Down On Mission Street Rattlesnakes (LP+CD)
Forest Fire Forest Fire (7")
Forest Fire Rattlesnakes (LP+CD)
Four Flights Up Rattlesnakes (LP+CD)
Four Flights Up (live) Rattlesnakes (7")
Glory Forest Fire (7")
Her Last Fling Brand New Friend (7"+12")
If I Were A Song Broken Record (CD)
I'm gone The Negatives (CD)
impossible girl The Negatives (CD)
Jennifer She Said Jennifer She Said (7"+12"+CD5)
Jesus Said My Bag (7"+12"+7"Bag)
Last Night, Early Town (guitar version) Cutting Out (CD5)
Like A Broken Record Broken Record (CD)
Lost Weekend Lost Weekend (7"+12")
man on the verge The Negatives (CD)
Man Overboard Broken Record (CD)
My Alibi (piano version) Cutting Out (CD5)
My Bag My Bag (7"+12"+7"Bag)
negative attitude The Negatives (CD)
Never Ends Lost Weekend (7"+12")
No More Love Songs No More Love Songs (CD5)
no more love songs The Negatives (CD)
Oh Genevieve Broken Record (CD)
past imperfect The Negatives (CD)
Patience Rattlesnakes (LP+CD)
Perfect Blue Jennifer She Said (7"+12"+CD5)
Perfect Skin Perfect Skin (7"+12")
Perfect Skin Rattlesnakes (LP+CD)
Rattlesnakes Rattlesnakes (7")
Rattlesnakes Rattlesnakes (LP+CD)
Rhinestones Broken Record (CD)
Speedboat Rattlesnakes (LP+CD)
Speedboat (live) Brand New Friend (7"+12")
Sweetnees Rattlesnakes (7")
that boy The Negatives (CD)
That's Alright Broken Record (CD)
The Flipside Broken Record (CD)
The Sea And The Sand Perfect Skin (7"+12")
too much e The Negatives (CD)
tried to rock The Negatives (CD)
vin ordinaire The Negatives (CD)
Westchester County Jail Broken Record (CD)
what's wrong with this picture? The Negatives (CD)
Why In The World? Broken Record (CD)
Writers Retreat! Broken Record (CD)
You Will Never Be Good Perfect Skin (7"+12")
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