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Songs by Close Lobsters
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Boys And Girls Going To Heaven To See If It Rains (7"+12")
Boys And Girls Forever Until Victory (CD)
Don't Worry Forever Until Victory (CD)
Don't Worry Scared To Get Happy (A Story Of Indie-Pop 1980-1989) (CD-Boxset comp. )
Firestation Towers Forever Until Victory (CD)
Firestation Towers NME C86 Compilation (LP+K7 comp. )
Firestation Towers Never Seen Before (7"+12")
Float On Alvin Lives (In Leeds) - Anti Poll Tax Trax (LP comp. )
From This Day On Forever Until Victory (CD)
From This Day On What Is There To Smile About (7"+12"+CD5)
Get What They Deserve Forever Until Victory (CD)
Get What They Deserve Let's Make Some Plans (7"+12")
Going To Heaven To See If It Rains Going To Heaven To See If It Rains (7"+12")
Going To Heaven To See If It Rains Forever Until Victory (CD)
Head Over Water Steel Love (7")
Heaven..Rains The Janice Long Sessions (12")
Hey Hey My My (Into The Black) Forever Until Victory (CD)
Hey Hey My My (Into The Black) Nature Thing (7"+12"+CD5)
In Spite Of These Times Forever Until Victory (CD)
In Spite Of These Times Let's Make Some Plans (7"+12")
In Spite Of These Times (1st ) Airspace! (LP comp. )
Just Too Bloody Stupid CD86 (CD comp. )
Lets Make Some Plans Forever Until Victory (CD)
Lets Make Some Plans Lets Try Another Ideal Guest House (LP comp. )
Let's Make Some Plans Let's Make Some Plans (7"+12")
Loophole Forever Until Victory (CD)
Loopholes What Is There To Smile About (7"+12"+CD5)
Nature Thing Forever Until Victory (CD)
Nature Thing Nature Thing (7"+12"+CD5)
Never Seen Before Forever Until Victory (CD)
Never Seen Before Never Seen Before (7"+12")
Never Seen Before Shelter Video Compilation (VID comp. )
Never Seen Before The Janice Long Sessions (12")
Never Seen Before (Live) Forever Until Victory (CD)
Never Seen Before (live) Nature Thing (7"+12"+CD5)
Nothing Really Matters The Janice Long Sessions (12")
Paper Thin Hotel Airspace II - The Sequel (LP comp. )
Paper Thin Hotel Nature Thing (7"+12"+CD5)
Paperthin Hotel Forever Until Victory (CD)
Pathetic Trivia The Janice Long Sessions (12")
Pathetik Trivia Going To Heaven To See If It Rains (7"+12")
Pathetik Trivia Forever Until Victory (CD)
Pimps Forever Until Victory (CD)
Pimps Never Seen Before (7"+12")
Sewer Pipe Dream Out Of The Blue (K7 comp. )
Skyscapers Of St. Mirin Forever Until Victory (CD)
Steel Love Steel Love (7")
The Skyscrapers Of St Mirin What Is There To Smile About (7"+12"+CD5)
Violently Pretty Face What Is There To Smile About (7"+12"+CD5)
What Is There To Smile About What Is There To Smile About (7"+12"+CD5)
What Is There To Smile About? Forever Until Victory (CD)
Wide Waterways Forever Until Victory (CD)
Wide Waterways Never Seen Before (7"+12")
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