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Songs by Cats On Fire
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Astray The Province Complains (CD)
Born Again Christian The Province Complains (CD)
Chain of Saints The Province Complains (CD)
Draw In The Reins Draw In The Reins (CD5)
Draw in the Reins The Province Complains (CD)
End of Straight Street The Province Complains (CD)
Favourite Sons The Empty Town Demo (CD)
Happiness is Chemistry Happiness is Chemistry EP (CD)
Heat and Romance The Province Complains (CD)
Higher Grounds Draw In The Reins (CD5)
Higher Grounds The Province Complains (CD)
Higher Grounds The Seelonce Mayday Demo (CD)
Honey Your Baby Solid Work (CD)
I am the White-mantled King The Province Complains (CD)
If You Must Tell Him The Province Complains (CD)
Mesmer and Reason The Province Complains (CD)
My Friend in a Comfortable Chair Happiness is Chemistry EP (CD)
Never Land Here Draw In The Reins (CD5)
Never Land Here The Seelonce Mayday Demo (CD)
Praying on a Sunny Day The Empty Town Demo (CD)
Solid Work Solid Work (CD)
Something Happened Solid Work (CD)
Stars Happiness is Chemistry EP (CD)
Stars The Empty Town Demo (CD)
The Cold Hands of Great Men Draw In The Reins (CD5)
The Cold Hands of Great Men The Seelonce Mayday Demo (CD)
The Sharp End of a Season The Province Complains (CD)
The Smell of an Artist Draw In The Reins (CD5)
The Smell of an Artist The Province Complains (CD)
The Smell of an Artist The Seelonce Mayday Demo (CD)
The True Nature of an Empty Town The Empty Town Demo (CD)
They Produced a Girl Happiness is Chemistry EP (CD)
They Produced A Girl The Empty Town Demo (CD)
You Will Find Me Where You Left Me Solid Work (CD)
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