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Songs by Brighter
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Airhead A Winters Tale (FLX)
Airhead Out To Sea (CD)
Amy Never Knew [#] Out To Sea (CD)
Around The World In Eighty Days Around The World In Eighty Days (7")
Around The World In Eighty Days Singles 1989-1992 (CD)
British Summertime Disney (10"+CD5)
British Summertime Singles 1989-1992 (CD)
Christmas Laurel (10"+CD)
Christmas Out To Sea (CD)
Does Love Last Forever? Noah's Ark (7")
Does Love Last Forever? Singles 1989-1992 (CD)
Don't Remember A Winters Tale (FLX)
Don't Remember Out To Sea (CD)
End Disney (10"+CD5)
End Singles 1989-1992 (CD)
Falling Next Summer (FLX)
Falling Out To Sea (CD)
Frostbite Laurel (10"+CD)
Frostbite Out To Sea (CD)
Half- Hearted Half Hearted (7")
Half- Hearted Singles 1989-1992 (CD)
Hope Springs Eternal Disney (10"+CD5)
Hope Springs Eternal Singles 1989-1992 (CD)
Hope to God [#] Out To Sea (CD)
I Don't Think It Matters Noah's Ark (7")
I Don't Think It Matters Singles 1989-1992 (CD)
If I Could See [#] Out To Sea (CD)
Inside Out Around The World In Eighty Days (7")
Inside Out Singles 1989-1992 (CD)
Journey's End Laurel (10"+CD)
Journey's End Out To Sea (CD)
Killjoy Disney (10"+CD5)
Killjoy Singles 1989-1992 (CD)
Looks Like Rain Next Summer (FLX)
Looks Like Rain Out To Sea (CD)
Maybe Laurel (10"+CD)
Maybe Out To Sea (CD)
My Failure's Success Heol (K7 comp. )
Never Ever Disney (10"+CD5)
Never Ever Singles 1989-1992 (CD)
Next Summer Next Summer (FLX)
Next Summer Grimsby Fishmarket 4 Norrkoeping 0 (K7 comp. )
Next Summer Out To Sea (CD)
Noah's Ark Noah's Ark (7")
Noah's Ark Singles 1989-1992 (CD)
Nothing at All [#] Out To Sea (CD)
Ocean Sky Laurel (10"+CD)
Ocean Sky Out To Sea (CD)
Out To Sea Laurel (10"+CD)
Out to Sea Out To Sea (CD)
Poppy Day Half Hearted (7")
Poppy Day Singles 1989-1992 (CD)
So You Said Half Hearted (7")
So You Said Singles 1989-1992 (CD)
Something To Call My Own Laurel (10"+CD)
Something to Call My Own Out To Sea (CD)
Still Becket House (LP comp. )
Still Out To Sea (CD)
Summer Becomes Winter Laurel (10"+CD)
Summer Becomes Winter Out To Sea (CD)
There Is Nothing We Can Do- [#] Out To Sea (CD)
Things Will Get Better Around The World In Eighty Days (7")
Things Will Get Better Singles 1989-1992 (CD)
Tinsel Heart Around The World In Eighty Days (7")
Tinsel Heart Singles 1989-1992 (CD)
Wallflower [#] Out To Sea (CD)
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