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Songs by The Bodines
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Back Door Free with Record Mirror (12" comp. )
Call Your Name Hand To Mouth (LP comp. )
Clear Heard It All (7"+12")
Clear Played (LP+CD)
Clear Played (CD)
Clear Played (CD)
Decide Decide (12")
God Bless God Bless (7")
God Bless Scared To Get Happy (A Story Of Indie-Pop 1980-1989) (CD-Boxset comp. )
God Bless Played (CD)
Hard On Decide (12")
Hard On Hand To Mouth (LP comp. )
Heard It All Heard It All (7"+12")
Heard It All Therese (7"+12")
Heard It All Played (CD)
I Feel Therese (7"+12")
I Feel Played (CD)
Long Time Dead Slip Slide (7"+12")
My Remarkable Mind Shankin Queens (7"+12")
My Remarkable Mind Played (CD)
Naming Names Slip Slide (7"+12")
Paradise God Bless (7")
Paradise Its Different For Domeheads (LP comp. )
Scar Tissue Played (LP+CD)
Scar Tissue Played (CD)
Shankin Queens Played (LP+CD)
Shankin Queens Shankin Queens (7"+12")
Shrinkwrap Shrinkwrap (CD5)
Skankin Queens Played (CD)
Slip Slide Played (LP+CD)
Slip Slide Slip Slide (7"+12")
Slip Slide Played (CD)
Tall Stories Played (LP+CD)
Tall Stories Played (CD)
The Back Door Played (LP+CD)
The Back Door Played (CD)
The Groove Decide (12")
Therese Played (LP+CD)
Therese Therese (7"+12")
Therese Therese (7"+12")
Therese CD86 (CD comp. )
Therese NME C86 Compilation (LP+K7 comp. )
Therese Played (CD)
Therese Played (CD)
Untitled Played (LP+CD)
Untitled Played (CD)
Wake Up And Smell The Coffee Shrinkwrap (CD5)
What You Want Played (LP+CD)
What You Want Played (CD)
William Shatner Canadian Live Bootleg (7")
William Shatner Played (LP+CD)
William Shatner Played (CD)
William Shatner Heard It All (7"+12")
William Shatner Played (CD)
With You Shrinkwrap (CD5)
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