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Songs by Birdie
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Blue Dress Some Dusty (CD)
Blue Eyed Son Triple Echo (CD)
Blue Eyed Son (reprise) Triple Echo (CD)
Coda Triple Echo (CD)
Dusty Morning Some Dusty (CD)
Folk Singer Folk Singer (7")
Folk Singer Some Dusty (CD)
Folk Singer (Video) Let Her Go (7"+CD5)
Hammond Triple Echo (CD)
I Can't Let Go Some Dusty (CD)
Laugh Some Dusty (CD)
Lazy Day Some Dusty (CD)
Let Her Go Let Her Go (7"+CD5)
Let Her Go Some Dusty (CD)
Lift Up The Sun Sidewalk (7"+CD5)
Linus Some Dusty (CD)
Linus (Version) Such A Sound (7"+CD5)
Monday Triple Echo (CD)
Natural Star Sidewalk (7"+CD5)
One Two Five Some Dusty (CD)
Por Sunlight Folk Singer (7")
Port Sunlight Some Dusty (CD)
Port Sunlight Spiral Staircase (7")
Poster Triple Echo (CD)
Rosie's Drugstore Triple Echo (CD)
Send And Receive Sidewalk (7"+CD5)
Shipwrecked Such A Sound (7"+CD5)
Sidewalk Sidewalk (7"+CD5)
Sidewalk Triple Echo (CD)
Silver Line Triple Echo (CD)
Spiral Staircase Spiral Staircase (7")
Such A Sound Such A Sound (7"+CD5)
Such A Sound Triple Echo (CD)
Thanks For The Birthday Card Let Her Go (7"+CD5)
The Original Strand Triple Echo (CD)
Theme From Tired Such A Sound (7"+CD5)
Twin I Love You Triple Echo (CD)
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