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Songs by Alpaca Sports
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A Million Times As Long as I Have You (7")
A New Boyfriend From Paris With Love (CD+LP)
As Long As I Have You As Long as I Have You (7")
Baby Pop Nobody Cares But Me (MP3)
Baby What Can I Say? From Paris With Love (CD+LP)
Birds From Paris With Love (CD+LP)
Books I've Read From Paris With Love (CD+LP)
Eiffel Tower From Paris With Love (CD+LP)
Feel Like Going Home From Paris With Love (CD+LP)
I Love You When You Need Me The Most (10")
I was Running I Was Running (7"+MP3)
I'll Do Anything You Want From Paris With Love (CD+LP)
I'll Do Anything You Want I'll Do Anything You Want (MP3)
I'll never win Just For Fun EP (MP3)
In The Sand I'll Do Anything You Want (MP3)
Just for fun Just For Fun EP (MP3)
Just Like Them Just Like Them (MP3)
Just Like Them When You Need Me The Most (10")
Let's Go Somewhere I Was Running (7"+MP3)
Letters Saddest Girl In The World (MP3)
Luxembourg Gardens From Paris With Love (CD+LP)
My Favourite Girlfriend (Bonus Track) When You Need Me The Most (10")
Need Me The Most When You Need Me The Most (10")
Nobody Cares But Me From Paris With Love (CD+LP)
Nobody Cares But Me Nobody Cares But Me (MP3)
Saddest Girl In The World From Paris With Love (CD+LP)
Saddest Girl In The World Saddest Girl In The World (MP3)
She'll Come Back For Indian Summer As Long as I Have You (7")
Summer Days From Paris With Love (CD+LP)
Summer Days Summer Days (MP3)
There's No One Like You When You Need Me The Most (10")
When I Hold You When You Need Me The Most (10")
Where'd You Go? When You Need Me The Most (10")
Without You From Paris With Love (CD+LP)
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