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Songs by A House
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A Happy Ending No More Apologies (CD)
Because You Love Me Wide Eyed And Ignorant (CD)
Blind Faith I Am The Greatest (CD)
Bring Down the Beast I Want Too Much (LP+CD)
Broken No More Apologies (CD)
Call Me Blue On Our Big Fat Merry Go Round (LP+CD)
Clotheshorse No More Apologies (CD)
Clump of Trees On Our Big Fat Merry Go Round (LP+CD)
Creatures of Craze I Am The Greatest (CD)
Cry Easily No More Apologies (CD)
Curious Wide Eyed And Ignorant (CD)
Endless Art I Am The Greatest (CD)
Everything I Am Wide Eyed And Ignorant (CD)
Hay When the Sun Shines On Our Big Fat Merry Go Round (LP+CD)
Here Come The Good Times Wide Eyed And Ignorant (CD)
How Strong Is Love I Am The Greatest (CD)
I Am Afraid I Am The Greatest (CD)
I Am the Greatest I Am The Greatest (CD)
I Can't Change No More Apologies (CD)
I Don't Care I Am The Greatest (CD)
I Give You You I Want Too Much (LP+CD)
I Lied I Am The Greatest (CD)
I Lied Setanta CAO 2 (7" comp. )
I Think I'm Going Mad I Want Too Much (LP+CD)
I Want to Kill Something On Our Big Fat Merry Go Round (LP+CD)
I Want Too Much I Want Too Much (LP+CD)
I Wanted Too Much I Am The Greatest (CD)
I'll Always Be Grateful On Our Big Fat Merry Go Round (LP+CD)
Into the Light No More Apologies (CD)
Just Because No More Apologies (CD)
Keep the Homefires Burning I Want Too Much (LP+CD)
Love Is... No More Apologies (CD)
Love of the Eighties On Our Big Fat Merry Go Round (LP+CD)
Love Quarry On Our Big Fat Merry Go Round (LP+CD)
Make Me Proud Wide Eyed And Ignorant (CD)
Manstrong I Want Too Much (LP+CD)
Marry Me I Want Too Much (LP+CD)
My Little Lighthouse On Our Big Fat Merry Go Round (LP+CD)
My Mind No More Apologies (CD)
My Sweet Life No More Apologies (CD)
No More Apologies No More Apologies (CD)
Now That I'm Sick I Want Too Much (LP+CD)
Picture A House Wide Eyed And Ignorant (CD)
She Keeps Me Humble Wide Eyed And Ignorant (CD)
Shivers Up My Spine I Want Too Much (LP+CD)
Sister's Song No More Apologies (CD)
Slang Blaster! ... Rides Again (7" comp. )
Slipping Away I Am The Greatest (CD)
Small Talk I Want Too Much (LP+CD)
Spinster Wide Eyed And Ignorant (CD)
Stone the Crows On Our Big Fat Merry Go Round (LP+CD)
Take It Easy On Me I Am The Greatest (CD)
Talking I Want Too Much (LP+CD)
That's Not the Truth On Our Big Fat Merry Go Round (LP+CD)
The Comedy Is Over Wide Eyed And Ignorant (CD)
The Patron Saint of Mediocrity I Want Too Much (LP+CD)
The Start No More Apologies (CD)
The Strong And The Silent Wide Eyed And Ignorant (CD)
These Things Wide Eyed And Ignorant (CD)
Twist & Squeeze No More Apologies (CD)
Violent Love On Our Big Fat Merry Go Round (LP+CD)
Watch Out You're Dead On Our Big Fat Merry Go Round (LP+CD)
Watch Out You're Dead The Sounds Machine EP3 (7" comp. )
When I First Saw You I Am The Greatest (CD)
Why Me- Wide Eyed And Ignorant (CD)
Without Dreams No More Apologies (CD)
Wonderful Love Songs I Want Too Much (LP+CD)
You'll Cry When I Die I Want Too Much (LP+CD)
You're Too Young I Am The Greatest (CD)
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