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Songs by Adventures In Stereo
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13th Floor Adventures In Stereo (CD)
A Brand New Day Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
Airkiss Monomania (CD)
Airline Adventures In Stereo (CD)
Baby So Rich International (CD5)
Baby’s So Rich Yellow Album (CD)
Behind the Trees Monomania (CD)
Birds Monomania (CD)
Catch My Soul Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
Close To You Adventures In Stereo (CD)
Cry Your Love Away Adventures In Stereo (CD)
Cry Your Love Away In Bed With Marina (CD comp. )
Dominique K Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
Don’t You Worry Little One Adventures In Stereo (CD)
Down in the City Down in the Traffic (7"+CD5)
Down in the Sky Down in the Traffic (7"+CD5)
Down In The Traffic Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
Down in the Traffic Down in the Traffic (7"+CD5)
Dream Surf Baby Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
Dust to Ashes Monomania (CD)
Everything Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
Expressway Yellow Album (CD)
Flipside Adventures In Stereo (CD)
For Someone Special Yellow Album (CD)
Ghosts Monomania (CD)
God Save Us Yellow Album (CD)
Gone Too Far Yellow Album (CD)
Good Times Adventures In Stereo (CD)
Goodbye Yellow Album (CD)
Grooves International (CD5)
Hang Out Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
Here Together Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
I Once Knew Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
I See Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
International International (CD5)
International Monomania (CD)
Long Live You Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
Long Live You Ave Marina - Ten Years Of Marina Records (CD2 comp. )
My Buddy Go Adventures In Stereo (CD)
O Sister Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
Out Of Sight Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
Pretty Things Adventures In Stereo (CD)
Remain Again Adventures In Stereo (CD)
Remain Again Again Yellow Album (CD)
Runaway Adventures In Stereo (CD)
Running Monomania (CD)
Said You Said Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
Silence Monomania (CD)
Silence Falls Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
Silence Is Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
Sister Hurricane Yellow Album (CD)
Sleep Yellow Album (CD)
Summer High Adventures In Stereo (CD)
Suntrips Monomania (CD)
That’s What I Hear Yellow Album (CD)
The Attic Walk Adventures In Stereo (CD)
There Was a Time Adventures In Stereo (CD)
This Day Monomania (CD)
This Time Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
Touch the Rain Monomania (CD)
Traffic Yellow Album (CD)
Underground Sound Adventures In Stereo (CD)
Waves On Songs For Marshmallow Lovers (CD comp. )
We Will Stand Monomania (CD)
We’ll Meet Again Adventures In Stereo (CD)
When Love Comes In Monomania (CD)
When Times Were Young Adventures In Stereo (CD)
When We Go Back Adventures In Stereo (CD)
When Yr. Gone Alternative Stereo Sounds (CD)
Yesterdays Yellow Album (CD)
You Hurt Me More Than You Know Yellow Album (CD)
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