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Something Pretty Beautiful
The band was put together by Joss Cope, who had already been featured on quite a few Creation releases, and former Crash guitarist Bill Carey. The album is quite accessible and rolls along pleasantly with some worthy guitar lines, decent rhythm tracks and gentle backing harmonies that complement the tidy lead vocals. 'Freak Outburst' is a high with good Bunnymen guitar and a mild psychedelic flavour, whilst 'Freefall' is also good, melodic and uptempo. Contrary to its title, 'Landmine' is light and attractive, though short, and you will be hard pushed to find anything really that will bring a frown. A very decent beginning, sadly never built upon.

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Freefall (12") 1988
on Creation Records - CRE 066
Something Pretty Beautyful (LP) 23-Jul-1990
on Creation Records - CRELP 075
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