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Shy Camp
(United States)
Shy Camp (1996-2000) was the indie-pop four-track project of guitarist/vocalist David Rapp.
Notable releases included the "Call In Sick" 7-inch single on Harriet Records (1997) and the tracks "Alison Song #4" and "Spinster" on the 1998 Harriet compilation CD "Friendly Society."
Most of Shy Camp's recordings were performed and recorded by Rapp alone, but an EP's worth of tracks ("History's On Your Side," "The Biggest Secret In The World," "You'll Never Be A Star," and "A Happy Life") featured the talents of guitarist Nate Shumaker (Everdown, On Fire) and guitarist/drummer Joel Thibodeau (String Builder, Death Vessel). Myke Weiskopf (Science Park) contributed accordion, keyboards, and engineering expertise to these tracks as well.
Shy Camp's final release was "The Biggest Secret in the World," on the "Starring Nao" compilation by Japanese label Rover Records in 2000.
Several unreleased Shy Camp tracks can now be downloaded free on

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Call in Sick (7") 1998
on Harriet Records - 44
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