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Seaside Stars
Starting as a home-recording project in the late nineties, the Seaside Stars grew into a full-fledged live combo in 2001, shortly after their debut album "The Magic Of Stereo" had been released on berlin based Firestation Records. The album has been described as the "jangle pop record of this new decade"(
With it's summerly tunes and beachboyesque harmonies the record was critically acclaimed, though most copies were put out in the US and Japan.
Consequently, the second album "The Stranded Whale" was published on Tokyo's Rosemary Records in 2006. It proved that the band still "understands pop", as C86-protagonist Duglas T. Steward of Glaswegian BMX Bandits put it.

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The Magic Of Stereo (CD) August 2001
on Firestation Records - FST 35
- Change
- Close To The Sun
- Don't Mind
- Eyes
- Fall
- For You
- Good Timing
- Kick Out
- OK
- Old Room
- Playground
- Summery Girl
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