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The Saturday People
(United States) Washington D.C.
I am in this band, so I'll give you the lowdown. We are from DC, and all of the members have been in lots of other bands (Terry Banks was in Tree Fort Angst, GloWorm, and St. Christopher; Greg Pavlovcak was in the Ropers and Castaway Stones, and currently plays with the Still; Dan Searing was in Whorl, GloWorm, Castaway Stones, the SeaShell Sea, and is currently in LU; I was in Velocity Girl, Black Tambourine, Lilys, Heartworms; Ara Hacopian was in the Castaway Stones and plays with Boyracer). So the Saturday People is sort of an incestuous mid-life crisis band. We have recorded 3 singles (one on Brittle Stars, two on Slumberland, including a split with the Clientele). All of the songs from our singles appear on our new album, though in very different form (they've been re-recorded and re-arranged).

Archie Moore for the indiepop list in November 2001

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TweeNet news articles:
Twilight Story (7") 1999
on Brittle Stars Recordings - BSR 005
- Twilight Story
- The Castle
CaliforniaGirls (7") 2000
- CaliforniaGirls
- Slipping Through Your Fingertips
The Saturday People (LP+CD) Nov 2001
- California Girls
- Find Out
- Ghost Of A Chance
- Grace (Kinky On Your Leg Mix)
- Lullabye In The Rain
- No Matter Where You Are
- Slipping Through Your Fingertips
- Sound Of Yesterday
- That Settles That
- The Castle
- The Man Without Qualities, Part 1
- The Man Without Qualities, Part 2
- Twilight Story
- Upside-down Girl
- Working For The Weekend
We Hold These Thruths As Self Evident (CD) Early 2003
on Foxyboy Records - FOXY 007
On compilations:
- Grace
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