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Ring Of Truth
(United Kingdom)
The Ring of Truth story began with John Peel adopted debut single, 'The Horse', described by Everett True as a small-town documentary set to an r'n'r backdrop. Inextricably linked with Sound Archive Recordings, a label Record Collector have referenced as being ordinarily fascinated only by artists to the left-of-centre, Ring of Truth return with their debut album. Entitled, 'Everything's the same but in a different place', as a point of departure Ring of Truth take a sonic journey from Lenny Kaye's 'Nuggets', the fire of the Bowery and London art-punk through post-punk Manchester and Glasgow, then onwards from the post-millennial NY and Scottish angular diaspora...

Bob Wire

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The Horse/ The Last Time (7") 1997
on Sound Archive Recordings - Crank 003
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