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Arse Parsley Correcto (7") 12/07/85
on Swinzies Records
Very rare single release, Stephen Pastel bleats on the fadeout of the B-side.
Two Hearts Beat In A Hole (12")
on Sombrero Records - SOMBRERO 4
Beneath The London Sky (CD) 2013
on Firestation Records - FST 98
- Two Hearts Beat In A Hole (EP Version)
- The Sun Slid Down Behind The Tower (EP Version)
- Tender Young Believer (EP Version)
- A Perfect Lie (EP Version)
- Butcher's Daughter / Soundcloud
- What People Say
- Postcard From Paradise
- Gross Bully Boy
- Last Train Home
- Unforgiveable
- Cut You Down
- The Neighbours
- Least Said Soonest Mended
- When It's Over
- It's Easy To Pretend
- Stone Heart Buried In Lambskin
- So Brave
- Five Out Of Ten
- Fabulous Adrian Fabulous
- Two Hearts Beat In A Hole (Demo)
- The Sun Slid Down Behind The Tower (Demo)
- Tender Young Believer (Demo)
- A Perfect Lie (Demo)
On compilations:
Hoopla  (K7)
Re-released on LP by Accident Records in 2001
- Last Train Home
on Sha La La Flexis - BA 6
with fanzine "Trout Fishing In Leytonstone#4"
- The Sun Slid Down Behind The Tower
on Accident Records - DENT 5
- Last Train Home
on Bilberry Records - BILB 6
and Clarendon Records - W6 2CD
and Firestation Records - FST 40
- Butcher's daughter
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