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(United States) Washington D.C.
Under the name Paint

December 1993 - 3 song tape Wonderment/Dislocated Mind/Fragile - Punkier versions of so that also showed up on Girlish. Recorded by Rob Christiansen of Eggs. We made 300, I think there might be a couple of copies still left at Vinyl Ink if someone is a rabid Racecar completist. As if.

February 1994 - The version of Wonderment also appears on the Jiffy Boy compilation "Ten Cent Fix". Talk to Brandon from Whitebread 'zine, I believe he still has copies of this wonderful collection.

December 1994 - The song "Going Elsewhere" appeared on the Supernova Records compilation "The Art Of Rocketry". This song was recorded as part of the Girlish sessions, but we gave it to Derek instead, because he asked nicely.

In February 1995, we got a cease and desist letter from a NYC band called Paint. We had a huge pile of new name possibilities (the Rainflorists is available, if anyone wants it. Same with The Spock Monkeys), but Racecar was coolest because it's a palindrome.

June 1995 - Girlish CD on Queenie. 12 songs, 48 minutes. Recorded with Harry Evans from Poole at his mom's church the previous fall. Songs are: Wonderment - Swallow - Corvair - Seymour Wants To Be An Artist - Dislocated Mind - Little Drummer - I Don't Want To - 80% Wrong - Killed A Man - Fragile - Adam Timestable - Saying It's Over.

December 1995 - carpoole 7". A christmas collaboration with our buddies Poole. We made 300, I still have about 15 copies if someone wants one. Songs: Heatmiser - The Days Will Be Longer Soon (The Christmas Eve Song) - Driving Home For Christmas - Coldmiser

March 1996(?) - We gave the song "Your Kind" to March Records for a compilation CD that Skippy swears will be out before the weather turns warm.

As far as a bio, we don't really have too much of one. You can find out most of the juicy info on the band's homepage The best new info that hasn't made it to that page is the inclusion of our songs on the Pete and Pete show. We've been sighted on 3 different episodes. They have the rights to use it as much as they want for the whole season, but they didn't really tell us when. Has anyone seen the episode where Pete the older is trying to escape the bully Pitstain, and covers himself with floorwax, enabling him to slide around the halls at great speed? That's our tune!


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Girlish (CD) May 1995
on Queenie Records - QL07
On compilations:
Pop American Style  (CD+LP2) 1996
on March Records - MAR 24
vinyl has been released in Japan only
- Your Kind
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