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The Potting Sheds
(England) Suffolk
The Potting Sheds were formed by Will Taylor (guitar/vocals) and David Miles (bass/vocals) in Lowestoft, Suffolk in 1988. Two cassette-only E.P.s were recorded with Richard Hammerton (Red Star Belgrade, War Party and Stare). The 'Good Effort E.P.' featured the crowd-pleaser 'Don't Mess (With My Potting Shed)' and the 'Meryl Streep E.P.' included a cover of Robyn Hitchcock's 'Tell Me About Your Drugs'.
Local comic/crooner Paul Fox was recruited to strengthen the vocals and Steve Chapman (brother of A guitarist Mark) took care of the drums. 'Too Far' was recorded for a compilation cassette promoting the launch of Norwich's Waterfront venue and the 'Unsaid' flexidisc attracted national airplay. John Peel championed the 7 inch single 'Second Best'/'Shape Out' and fanmail started to arrive from Belgium and Poland.
Phil McClarnon replaced Fox on vocals/rhythm guitar and made an immediate impact at a headline hometown gig in January 1991. The support band that night was Catherine Wheel.
The new line-up recorded 'Recover' for the 'Burn It To A Crisp' compilation L.P. and this track was heavily promoted by comedian Mark Thomas on his Radio Five show. Gigs with the likes of The Family Cat and The Cranberries followed and the encore at that time was an energetic, string-snapping version of 'Reward' by The Teardrop Explodes.
The Potting Sheds of 1991/1992 was McClarnon/Miles/Taylor/Chapman with David James (A) on keyboards and Val Gwyther (Bee Stings) providing backing vocals. It was an exciting time for East Anglian indie music and the 'Goldfish Memory' 12 inch E.P. was released to coincide with BBC Radio One's Norwich Sound City Week in April 1992. Mark Goodier and John Peel pushed the E.P. and worldwide distribution through Backs/Shellshock led to interest from the USA, Japan and Australia.
The demos of the follow-up E.P. planned for Autumn 1992 suggest it would have been spectacular. The proposed track-listing was 'Dream On', 'Showerhead', 'Zuma' and 'Magdalena'. However, McClarnon left to perform with Fish Logic and Roxy's Toolbox. Miles, Taylor and James got together with Grant Madden (Passing Clouds) and Steven Went (The Spinning Jennys) and Halftime Oranges was born.

David Miles, November 2007

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Unsaid (FLX) 1990
on Mad Cat Records
Free with "Eyesore You" fanzine issue 1
Recover (LP) 1991
on Mad Cat Records
Track on compilation L.P. "Burn It To A Crisp"
Second Best (7")
on Mad Cat Records - BSE 2
- Second Best
- Shape Out
Goldfish Memory EP (12") 1992
on Mad Cat Records - BSE005
- Goldfish Memory
- Happy Again
- Same Old Story
- Matches
Leaving by the Back Door (CD) 2020
on Cloudberry Records - Dream Workshop 9
- Too Far
- Unsaid
- Foggy
- Down The Line
- Unsaid (Flexi)
- Beautiful Place
- Second Best
- Shape Out
- Recover
- Take It Away (Quickly)
- A Place Of Your Own
- Goldfish Memory
- Happy Again
- Same Old Story
- Matches
- Take It Away (Slowly)
- Imposible Girl (Demo)
- Dream On (Demo)
- Zuma (Demo)
- Showerhead (Demo)
On compilations:
The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.6  (CD) November 2007
on Bilberry Records - BILB 10
and Clarendon Records - W6 8CD
and Firestation Records - FST 75
- Matches
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