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Pastel Collision
(England) London
Preston/Manchester-based, girl-fronted, trumpet-fired English jangle-pop band who released four singles (1994-1997) in the vein of the Pop Guns, the Would-Bes and the Siddeleys before regrouping as a trio under the name 'Kaleida'. As Kaleida, they recorded an album for Spain's Siesta level in 1998, in a sleeker, more Euro-synthy style, called 'Knowing who your friends are', before going on the back-burner around 1999.
There is a blog about the band(s) with links to MP3s and videos at

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Young (7") Summer 1994
on Spirit Of 86 Records - SOES 02
Trouble With A Capital T (7") Apr 1995
on Bilberry Records - BILB 4
Here Comes The Summer (7") Fall 1995
on Spirit Of 86 Records - SOES 06
Wherever You Go, Take Me With You (CD5) Aug 1996
on Siesta Records - SIESTA 31
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