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Pale Sunday
(Brazil) Sao Paulo state
Pale Sunday is a Brazilian indie pop band.

It all started in the late 90s when two friends (Luiz Gustaveo and Sineval) decided to form the band. They share a common passion for Sarah Records and indie music in general.

After self released cassette demo called "Dreamscape" and the CDEP "Everything Starts When You Smile", they recorded an EP 'A Weekend with Jane' in April 2003. It was released on Matinée Recordings. The next release was 'Summertime', an album which came out in April 2005; also on Matinée Recordings. This earned lots of great reviews from around the world. There are also songs on two Matinée compilations, 'Matinée 50!' (matinée50), and also a cover version of The Smiths 'Romantic and Square is Hippy and Aware'.

In early 2007 Luiz Gustavo and Sineval decided to disband Pale Sunday. They even had a farewell gig, but two months later the band was reformed with the addition of Tiago Fuzz (guitar) and Gustavo Az (drums); longtime friends and fans.

Pale Sunday's new line-up performed several gigs over the next two years. Meanwhile new songs were written and tried out during the gigs. Finally the long awaited "Shooting Star EP" is ready! Four brand new indiepop songs for indiepop kids released worldwide on Matinée Recordings.

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A Weekend With Jane (CD5) April-2003
on Matinée Recordings - Matinée 49
- A Weekend With Jane listen
- Go Ahead
- Today
- The Girl With Sunny Smile
Summertime? (CD) Spring 2005
on Matinée Recordings - MATCD 37
- The White Tambourine
- Mary
- Sunday Morning
- Twiggy Superstar
- My Punk Girl
- Never Fall Apart
- She'll Never Be Mine
- 1978
- A Safe Place
- Strangeways
Shooting Star (CD5) 2010
on Matinée Recordings - Matinée 73
- Shooting star
- Are you scared to get happy!
- Before I found you
- Unknown half
On compilations:
Matinée 50  (CD) Summer 2003
on Matinée Recordings - Matinée 50
- Just Friends
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