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The Morrisons
(England) Torquay/Devon
The Morrisons were originally a part of the late 80s indiepop underground; they released a flexi, a small label 12" and appeared on a comp tape, but weren't heard of for a long time since. They were more recently rediscovered by Firestation Records (formerly Firestation Tower) who included them on one of their Sound of Leamington Spa compilations and also released this 16 track album which compiles the tracks from their flexi and EP along with a number of demos. The Morrisons' sound is very typical of the era they were from, reminiscent of bands like Mighty Mighty, the Brilliant Corners, and early Orange Juice.

Ian of The Morrisons

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Listen To Your Heart (FLX)
on Morrisons
- Listen To Your Heart
- Everytime I Open The Bottle
The Morrisons (12") 1987
on Playroom Discs - PLAY D2
Songs From The South Of England (CD) July 2004
on Firestation Records - FST 53
Psycho Surfin (CD) 2005
on Golden Pathway - 16
Brighter Days (CD) 2006
on Golden Pathway - 17
Electricar (CD) 2006
on Golden Pathway 26
Looking for Jeanie (3" CDR) 21-Aug-2007
- Looking For Jeanie
- Slow Dawning
- Cranberry Street
On compilations:
on Now That's Righteous
- Made In Heaven
- Vagaboud Blues
on Bilberry Records - BILB 7
and Clarendon Records - W6 5CD
and Firestation Records - FST 50
- Listen To Your Heart
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