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The Lotus Eaters
(England) Liverpool
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The First Picture Of You (7"+12"+7" Pic-Disc) June 1983
on Arista Records
- The First Picture Of You
- The Lotus Eaters
- Stranger So Far (12" only)
You Don't Need Someone New (7"+12"+7" Pict-Disc) 1983
on Arista Records
No Sense Of Sin (LP) 1984
on Arista Records
Set Me Apart (12") 1984
on Arista Records
It Hurts (7"+12")
on Arista Records
Out On Your Own (7"+12")
on Arista Records
First Picture Of You - BBC Sessions (CD) 1998
on Vinyl Japan - ASK 77
Silent Space (LP+CD) 13-Apr-2001
on Vinyl Japan - ASK 122
Stay Free e.p. (12"+CD5) 13-Apr-2001
on Vinyl Japan - TASK 72
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