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(United States) Olympia


I know she was born and raised in Pheonix, and came up to Olympia to go to Evergreen State College in 1981. She was in a number of small bands that never released anything, like the Lumihoops, Zebras, and the Cradle Robbers (with Rebecca Gates!). She formed Courtney Love with Pat Maley and put out a couple 7"s. They played their last show at the International Pop Underground in 1991. Since then she has gone by "Lois" or "The Lois". She's had a number of different people play in "The Lois", but has seemed to have settled on Heather Dunn, ex-Tiger Trap. She recently moved back to Oly from Washington DC.



   Butterfly Kiss.  album.  K records, 1992(?)
           "Press, Play, Record"
           "Staring at the Sun"
           "Stroll Always"
           "Never Last"
           "Bonds in Seconds"
           "Look Who's Sorry"

       Strumpet.  album.  K records- 1993.
           "Evening In Paris"
           "Return (Your Turn)"
           "The Trouble WIth Me"
           "Sugar Rush"
           "Wet Eyes"
           "From a Heart"
           "Danger UxB"
           "The Way I Feel Inside"

      Bet The Sky.  album.  K records- 1995.
           "Charles Atlas"
           "Shy Town"
           "Cover Yr. Eyes"
           "Transatlantic Telephone Call"
           "Wrestling An Angel"
           "The Western"
           "Steal Heart"
           "February 15"

     "Shy Town".  cd ep.  K records- 1995
           "Shy Town"
           "Grass Widow"
           "Hey! Antoinette"
           "Page Two"
           "St. What's-Her-Name"

      "Press Play and Record."  7".  K records- 1992
           w/ "Long Time Gone"

      "The Trouble With Me."  7".  K records- 1993
           w/ "Page Two"

      "Indie."  7".  Simple Machines- 1993
           (b-side is "Another Child Bride" by Nothing Painted Blue)

      Lowrider.  Live cassette.  Slabco- 1993
          "Wet Eyes"
          "The Trouble With Me"
          "Long Time Gone"
          "Hawaiian Baby"- with Spinanes
          "Girlfriend In A Coma"
          "Press Play And Record"
          "Stroll Always"
          "The Way I Feel Inside"


      "Highlights."  7".  K records- 1991
           w/ "Shanako"
              "Disappearing Lessons"

      "Uncrushworhy."  7". K records- 1990
           w/  "Sunny Day"
               "Motorcycle Boy"
               "The 2nd Most Beautiful Girl In the World"

      "Hey! Antoinette."  7".  Feel Good All Over- 1991?
           w/  "Stripmine"
               "My Last Night"

       Kill Rock Stars.  Compilation album.  Kill Rock Stars- 1991
           "Don't Mix The Colors"

       One Last Kiss.  Compilation album.  spinART- 1992
           "Baseball Bat"

       International Pop Underground Convention.  Compilation album.
        K records- 1992
            "Motorcycle Boy"

       Throw.  Compilation album.  Yoyo- 1992
            "Roman Holiday" (for this one song, Lois is in a band named
                Lumihoops.  As far as I know, this is their only release.)

by Marc Odo for the Indiepop mailing list in January 1995

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Butterfly Kiss (LP+CD) 1992
on K Label - tba
Press Play And Record (7") 1992
on K Label - tba
Strumpet (LP+CD) 1993
on K Label - tba
The Trouble With Me (7") 1993
on K Label - tba
Bet The Sky (LP+CD) 1995
on K Label - tba
Shy Town (CD5) 1995
on K Label - tba
Butter Yellow: a Lois Collection (CD) 1996
on rebel beat factory (japan)/k
compilation of album tracks from bet the sky, butterfly kiss, strumpet, shy town, + 2 b-sides.
Infinity Plus (LP+CD+K7) 1997
on K Label - tba
Union Themes (cd) 1999
on Kill Rock Stars
She and Brendan Canty (fugazi) released this on KRS
The Union Theme (LP+CD) Spring 2000
on K Label - tba
With Brendan Canty or Fugazi
On compilations:
Working Holiday - July  (7") Jul 1993
on Simple Machines
- Indie
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