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Hideki Kaji
(Kaji Hideki, born May, 1967 in Chiba, Japan) is a Japanese singer-song writer. Kaji Hideki's music is similar to the Cardigans, Tahiti 80, or the raft of pop-savvy Shibuya-kei bands that swamped the scene in the 90s. Former bassist for the early 90s neo-acoustic outfit Bridge, Kaji released his first solo work, Muscat E.P., in 1996. The full-length Mini Skirt followed in 1997, reaching number 4 on the Oricon charts and propelling Kaji to full-fledged indie stardom. The release also earned Kaji some overseas recognition for its duet with Saint Etienne's Sarah Cracknell, the charming "Tokyo to London. "
Maintaining a consistent release and tour schedule, Kaji also moonlights as a writer for other artists, including Chocolat, Faye Wong, and Noriko Kato. As a producer, he has produced numerous songs for television commercials. The year 2000 marked a string of highly praised café dates, bringing him back to his roots and allowing happy fans nationwide the chance for an intimate concert experience.
Occasionally produced by Swedish hit guru Tore Johansson at Tambourine Studios, every Kaji release is mixed, with crisp guitars, melodic bass, chiming keyboards, and breezy hooks woven together in a light, airy mix. Needless to say, the Johansson connection and song titles like "Made in Sweden", from his 1998 full-length Tea don't discourage frequent comparisons to Swedish pop, but this is only one of the many influences that inform his sharp pop sensibilities.

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Muscat EP (CD5) 8-Aug-1996
on Trattoria - Menu 94
La Boum ~My Boom Is Me~ (CD5) 6 Jan 1997
on Trattoria - Menu 110
Mini Skirt (CD) 1997
on Trattoria - Menu 111
Here Is Our Street (CD5) 16 Apr 1997
on Trattoria - Menu 129
Eggstone (CD5) 1997
on Trattoria - Menu 130
Tea (CD) 28-Jan-1998
on Trattoria - Menu 150
August EP (CD5) 28-Jul-1998
on Trattoria - Menu 160
Queen Sound Babbles Again (3"CD) March 1999
on Trattoria - Menu 170
Mr. Sweden (CD5) 1999
on Trattoria - Menu 179
15 Angry Men (CD) 1-Jul-1999
on Trattoria - Menu 180
The Fireworks Candy & Puppydog Store (CD) Sep 1999
on Trattoria - Menu 187
This Is Still OK (CD5) 29-Nov-2000
on Trattoria - Menu 222
From Café Scandinavia With Love (CD) 27-June-2001
on Trattoria - Menu 232
Separate Ways (CD5) 25-Jul-2001
on Trattoria - Menu 234
Footballing Weekenders (CD5) 6-Mar-2002
on Trattoria - Menu 246
A Long Weekend (CD) 29-Mar-2002
on Trattoria - Menu 248
Enjoy The Game (CD/DVD) 2-Jul-2003
on Felicity MTCD-9001
includes 5 track DVD with video clips
On compilations:
BangPop!  (CD) late 2005
on Smallroom Records - SMALLWORLD 001
- My Love, My Milk
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