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Heavenly related bands discography

Amelia Fletcher

As Amelia Fletcher:

Fierce Records FRIGHT 52 (7")
- Can You Keep A Secret?
- Wrap My Arms Around Him

Fierce Records FRIGHT 55 (CD)
- Can You Keep A Secret?
- Wrap My Arms Around Him
- Can You Keep A Secret? (12" remix)
- Can You Keep A Secret? (karaoke mix)

all songs recorded in summer'1988

Big Big 3 Compilation Tape (Tape-only)
- Escort Crash On Marston Street (live)

As Cerise

Grimsby Fishmarket 4 - Norrkoeping 0
compilation tape on Records from the cookie nose tower (tape-only)
- I Fell In Love Last Night
(same disco-stuff as on the Fierce-single)

with The Wedding Present
backing vocals on songs on "George Best" LP/CD on Reception Records 1987
also on "Getting Better" on "Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now?"
12"+CD on Reception Records 1988
"Getting Better" also appeared on the compilation "Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father"
a LP+CD by the New Musical Express

with The Brilliant Corners
backing vocals on "Why Do You Have To Go Out With Him When You Could Go Out With Him"
7"+12" on McQueen Records 1988

with The Pooh Sticks
backing vocals on "Who Loves You" 7" and 12" on Cheree Records
backing vocals on songs on the LPs "Great White Wonder" & "Million Seller". She also sings lead on a song called "Roll Over Easy" which was available only the cassette issue of The Pooh Sticks single "The World Is Turning On".
with The Hit Parade
lead-vocals on "Christmas Tears" 7" on JHS 1991

with Bugbear
on Sea Monkeys

with The 6ths
one song on "Wasps' Nests" CD/7"Box on London Records 1995

with The Carousel
guitar and backing vocals on "abcdefgh..."CD on Vinyl Japan

with Nick Heyward
duet "Believe In Me" on "Tangled" CD on Sony Music 1995

with Gregory Webster
backing vocals on "My Wicked Wicked Ways" CD on Vinyl Japan 1996

with The Candyskins
backing vocals on "Monday Morning" Single 1997?

with The Relationships
Backing vocals on 'Well' and 'Knock Knock Who's There', both from the 2000 album 'Trend'.

Amelia can aslo be seen in the following videos:

  • The Brilliant Corners - Why Do You Have To..."
  • The Candyskins - "Monday Morning"
  • Bis - "Starbright Boy"
  • she is also in a movie but I can recall the title right now

    Mathew Fletcher

    as Bugbear

    Sea Monkeys EP Swing Set Records Swing Set 001 (7")
    - Sea Monkeys
    - Oh Honey
    - Geiner Rules
    - So I'm Silly

    Four Twee Songs
    Vinyl Japan - Task 18 (12"+CD) Nov'93
    - For Your Sake
    - Half Japanese
    - The This Many Boyfriends Club
    - Let Me Dream

    there is a Bugbear album out, also made several limited edition cassettes of home-recordings.

    Peter Momtchiloff

    with Razorcuts
    on The World Keeps Turning LP+CD on Creation Records

    with Red Chair Fadeaway
    on "Let It Happen" 12" on Cosmic English Music
    on "Mrs. Jones" 12" on Cosmic English Music

    with The Carousel
    bass on "abcdefgh..." on Vinyl Japan

    with Gregory Webster
    guitars and bass on "My Wicked Wicked Ways" CD on Vinyl Japan 1996

    Dick Edwards

    with Bugbear
    on "Four Twee Songs" on Vinyl Japan

    Robert Pursey

    with The Five Year Plan
    on "Hit The Bottle" 7" on Breaking Down ?
    on "Nothing Will Go Wrong" 12" on Breaking Down ?

    Elizabeth Price

    as The Carousel
    along with Gregory Webster (of the Razorcuts) on all Carousel releases

    Cathy Rogers

    with The Carousel
    organ on "abcdefgh..." on Vinyl Japan

    Cathy is also in the band "Gilroy" with some guys from the McTells, They released a 7'single , called "renaissance girl" on bi-joopiter (bi-joop 029). backed with 2 other songs called "sophists" and "spanked". There is a second 7" by Gilroy, I haven't listen to it yet, but the first one is brill.

    The Leatherettes consisted of: I'm still looking for infos on The Tuesday Welders

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