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Talulah Gosh and Heavenly Gigs
*??/??-1986various demos (about 10 minutes worth)
*07-Mar-1986worchester college, oxford (early versions of songs!)
*10-May-1986bristol university,bristol
*02-Aug-1986old white horse, london
*11-Aug-1986onion cellar,edinburgh (w/ Big Noise from Speonk )
*25-Sep-1986acklam hall, ladbroke grove, london
*20-Oct-1986head club, london
*22-Oct-1986eec punk rock mountain,bristol
*27-Nov-1986bay 63,london
07-Mar-1987the clarendon, (w/ primitives,wigs,apple mosaic)
*08-Mar-1987black horse,camden,london
??-Mar-1987polytechnic, leicester (????) w/ weddoes
15-Apr-1987george robey, finsbury park w/passmore sisters
16-Apr-1987sir george robey, finsbury park
*15-May-1987university of london union,london w/the weding present
*30-May-1987central of london polytechnic,london
*18-Jul-1987"venue,edinburgh (w/ ""I Wanna Be Well"")"
*19-Jul-1987Kilmarnock, Scotland at Vikki's Nitespot - with Blam Blam YC
*31-Aug-1987"cooky's,frankfurt,germany (52 minute show! ""steaming train"" played both in set and encore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)"
??-Aug or Sep-1987venue in hamburg, germany
*10-Oct-1987"central of london polytechnic,london (w/ debut of ""Be your Baby""!!!!!)"
*23-Oct-1987old fire station,oxford
*05-Feb-1988london school of economics, london (17 songs!)
*03-Mar-1989amelia appears with The Pooh Sticks at university of london union,london

*28-Oct-1989The Falcon, Camden Town, London (first gig as heavenly)
*22-Mar-1990l'espace,rennes,france (w/ Another Sunny Day and St.Christopher)
*30-Mar-1990bull and gate, kentish town, London
*15-Jun-1990bull and gate, kentish town with Brighter, The Wake and The Field Mice
*21-Jun-1990royal park, Leeds
19-Jul-1990the falcon, camden, london
08-Sep-1990the venue,new cross w/field mice
28-Sep-1990lausanne, switzerland w/ field mice, brighter
03-Oct-1990the falcon, camden, london
*05-Oct-1990"network 2,edinburgh (includes ""I fell in love last night"" and ""be your baby"")"
*15-Dec-1990the fountain,deptford, w/ another sunny day,anyways,strawberry story
23-Dec-1990powerhaus, islington, london w/field mice,orchids,another sunny day
*05-Jan-1991"jerico tavern,oxford, w/tramway (includes ""I'm in love for the very first time"" sung with some guest male vocalist!!!!!!!)"
25-Jan-1991richmond,brighton w/orchids,even as we speak
26-Jan-1991venue,new cross w/field mice,orchids
23-Mar-1991bull & gate, kentish town
05-Apr-1991rumble club,tonbridge wells
*06-Apr-1991"fountain,deptford as amelia fletcher,but doing a mixture of talulah gosh/heavenly songs w/another sunny day,fat tulips,confetti,roy (amelia's set includes first-ever performance of ""Escort Crash"")"
*13-Apr-1991Oxford Jericho Tavern with Saturn V
*14-Apr-1991john peel session first broadcast date
*07-Jun-1991la locomotive, paris, france
*18-Jun-1991black session, paris, france (5 songs total; this is the broadcast date)
*??-Jun-1991some venue in england: this is Cathy Rogers' FIRST GIG EVER and 2 songs are on FRIGHT 056 (Fierce Recordings) (info/gossip accd. to Mathew Fletcher)
04-Jul-1991powerhaus,islington w/the popguns
05-Jul-1991richmond,brighton w/fat tulips,saturn v
*24-Jul-1991middle east cafe, cambridge, ma, usa
24-Jul-1991spiral club,nyc,ny,usa (nms w/ small factory) (date is not confirmed?)
25-Jul-1991maxwell's, Hoboken,nj (w/ small factory)
??-Jul-1991"providence, ri, usa (an acquaintence of mine stepped on amelia's foot by accident! venue may be ""last call"" or ""church house inn"" or even ""club babyhead""???)"
*16-Aug-1991Underworld, Camden w/bmx bandits
*25-Aug-1991amelia appears with The Pooh Sticks at Reading Festival
11-Sep-1991Rose Club, Cologne, Germany
12-Sep-1991JZ Stieghorst, Bielefeld, Germany
13-Sep-1991Kling-Klang, Wilhelmshaven, Germany
14-Sep-1991Zinnschmelze, Hamburg, Germany
20-Sep-1991Oxford Jericho Tavern with Huggy Bear
25-Sep-1991amersham arms,new cross w/the hit parade
*09-Nov-1991venue,new cross w/the pastels,jad fair
*16-Dec-1991"sarah boat party, the theckla bristol w/the orchids,another sunny day/hit parade,tramway, secret shine,brighter/blueboy (includes ""We Are the Champions"")"
*20-Dec-1991"bull & gate,kentish town w/pooh sticks,saturn v , huggy bear (debut of ""C..."" and it includes goofy lyrics such as ""discotech""!!!)"
*28-Dec-1991"novy, kortenberg, belgium w/ television personalities (and it was amelia's birthday, so crowd sang ""Happy Birthday"" before they began!!!)"
*28-Feb-1992Oxford Jericho Tavern with Secret Shine and Another Sunny Day
*03-Apr-1992powerhaus w/sidi bou said
02-Jul-1992joiners' arms, southampton
03-Jul-1992after dark,reading, w/blueboy
04-Jul-1992noon rough trade shop,covent garden
04-Jul-1992night the square, harlow w/ blueboy
05-Jul-1992princess charlotte,leicester
06-Jul-1992the dial, derby
07-Jul-1992jericho tavern, oxford
08-Jul-1992adelphi, hull
*09-Jul-1992duchess of york,leeds (also on video)
10-Jul-1992planet x, Liverpool with Small Factory & Jules Verne
11-Jul-1992swinging sparrow (sic?),manchester
12-Jul-1992fleece & firker (sic?),bristol
*18-Jul-1992"underworld,camden w/small factory (encore ""C..."" with Small Factory!)"
*22-Aug-1992vene,new cross w/orchids, brighter
*16-Sep-1992maxwell's,hoboken,nj,usa (w/ monsterland and lois, although date may be 18-Sep-1992)
??-Sep-1992chameleon club,san francisco,ca,usa w/ (I think: Beat Happening and/or Tiger Trap)
??-Sep-1992basement of makoto's record shop,sacramento,ca,usa w/ (I think: Beat Happening and/or TigerTrap)
??-Oct-1992Japan tour: includes in-store gigs, and Sarah's Matt/Clare
22-Oct-1992osaka, jp
23-Oct-1992nagoya, jp
24-Oct-1992tokyo, jp
25-Oct-1992tokyo, jp
*29-Oct-1992(Pooh Sticks play their first American gig, at wetlands,nyc,ny,usa, and i'm not sure if Amelia was with them or not)
30-Oct-1992Amelia appears with The Pooh Sticks at wetlands,nyc,ny,usa (part of CMJ music schmoozefest seminar)
20-Dec-1992Oxford Jericho Tavern with Saturn V
25-Oct-1992tokyo, jp
*08-Jan-1993"underworld,camden,london w/lois (includes ""C..."" with Calvin _and_ ""She and Me"" working copy!!!!!!!!)"
??-Jan-1993pioneer hall, herbford
13-Jan-1993concorde,brighton, w/lois
*17-Jan-1993"royal park,leeds (includes cover of ""your class"" and early version of ""itchy chin"" which is more melodic and less rocking, yet always fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)"
07-Mar-1993white horse,hampstead w/voodoo queens,stereolab,kittenbirds,linus
*30-Apr-1993Oxford Jericho Tavern with Arthur Turner's Lovechild
*12-May-1993boat race, cambridge w/ carousel and saturn v
*02-Jul-1993powerhaus,islington,london (includes Amelia's plug for Tiger Trap!)
*24-Jul-1993conway hall,holburn, w/bratmobile,skinned tomeen
13-Aug-1993bull & gate, w/mambo taxi
*14-Aug-1993"rough trade shop,london (in-store session; includes ""C..."" with a guest!!!!!)"
03-Sep-1993boston w/ lois
??-Sep-1993philadelphia (i forgot exact gig venue etc.)
*??-Sep-1993underground coffeehouse,trinity college,hartford,ct (b/c on trinity college radio station)
*06-Sep-1993baltimore, maryland with Small Factory
*09-Sep-1993last call,providence,ri,usa (booked by ty jesso)
*10-Sep-1993"under acme,nyc,usa (matt sings horrid encore of ""googoomuck"" (sic?))"
12-Sep-1993go! (record shop),arlington,va,usa
12-Sep-19939:30 club,washington dc,usa (w/ lois)
21-Oct-1993jug of ale,birmingham
28-Oct-1993London Garage with Lois
20-Dec-1993London, Archway St John's Tavern with Comet Gain
26-Feb-1994emerald centre,hammersmith, the piao fest
??-Apr-1994new cross,london
??-Apr-1994sarah night,sound city '94,malaap club,bristol
*07-May-1994john peel session first broadcast date
*23-Jun-1994laural tree,camden w/comet gain
05-Jul-1994garage,islington w/heavens to betsy,pussycat trash
06-Aug-1994jazz rooms,brighton, w/mambo taxi,spectreman
10-Sep-1994russell arms,euston
24-Sep-1994rough trade shop w/comet gain
*30-Sep-1994ok hotel, seattle, wa, usa w/ lois
*01-Oct-1994capital theatre, olympia, wa, usa w/ lois
02-Oct-1994portland, or, usa w/ lois
*03-Oct-1994bottom of the hill, san francisco, ca, usa w/ lois and go, sailor!
04-Oct-1994university of california at los angeles, los angeles, ca, usa w/ lois
*05-Oct-1994casbah, san diego, ca, usa w/ lois (someone filmed this show, but some bastard stole the master video!!!!!)
*06-Oct-1994"alligator lounge (bowling alley!), santa monica, ca, usa w/ lois (heavenly perform ""indie"" with lois and ""you shook me all night long"" with heather from lois/tigertrap)"
*07-Oct-1994noon: student union amphitheatre, california state university at san jose, san jose, ca, usa w/ lois (also filmed by someone)
*07-Oct-1994"night: stebbins hall (co-op), berkeley, ca, usa w/ lois and 2 other openers (includes ""indie"" with lois)"
08-Oct-1994w.o.w. hall, eugene, or, usa
*??-Oct-1994madrid,spain (small venue, show was arranged by luis calvo of elefant records, and gig was at small club-disco)
??-Oct-1994(other gigs that I think took place in Spain, but I can't recall exact information... I think Luis arranged these gigs also)
20-Oct-1994collision club,gillingham
22-Oct-1994jug of ale,birmingham
28-Oct-1994the fenton,leeds
11-Nov-1994boat race,cambridge
12-Nov-1994britannia rowing club,nottingham
26-Nov-1994quicksilver mail,yeovil
02-Dec-1994square,harlow (still not confirmed)
08-Dec-1994garage, w/wat tyler,comet gain, tHe PhAnToM pReGnAnCiEs
10-Dec-1994joiner's arms,southampton
16-Dec-1994nagoya quattro,nagoya, jp
17-Dec-1994beeben hall,fukuoka, jp w/ psycagogo & seagull screaming kiss her kiss her
18-Dec-1994shinsaibashi quattro, osaka, jp
20-Dec-1994shibuya Quattro, Tokyo, jp
21-Dec-1994shibuya Quattro, Tokyo, jp
22-Dec-1994bobeeb basement theater, Sendai, jp
06-Apr-1995albany,london, w/melons,pHaNtOm PrEgNaNcIeS
17-Jun-1995kings cross piao festival
*28-Aug-1995theckla bristol the last sarah fest ever ?

Big thanks to Amelia Fletcher and everybody else who contributed to this list

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