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The Hardy Boys
The Hardy Boys existed from 1985 but it was the line up of John White, David McArthur, Michael Bonini, Derek Mullen and Ian McLachlan that would have the most success releasing the now legendary 'Wonderful Lie' single on Stella 5 Records in 1989(currently reaching prices of £350 on eBay) and recording the follow up 'Let the World Smother You' which was eventually released on Egg Records in 2005, 15 years after it was recorded.
The band toured extensively in 1990 and struck up a friendship with Bristols Blue Aeroplanes which would lead to guitarist Angelo Brushini producing the bands second single.
Deals were on the table but in the best tradtitions of the music industry the band imploded in a flurry of fists and bad feeling only to reform on 2000 for a one off show at the venue where they played their first ever gig in 1985.

A 'Best Of' album entitled 'The Hardy Boys Play songs From The Lenin and McCarthy Songbook' was compiled in 2005. This was eventually released in March 2010 and is available from
A new EP, the first new material by the band in 20 years, was released on September 3rd 2010. Entitled 'Under the Piccadilly Clock' the EP contains 3 songs; 'You're Just What I Need', 'And the Trains Ran On Time' and 'Dear Seamus Heaney' and is released on Bubblegum Records. In October 2011 the band released their final and best recordings titled 'British Melancholy'. This was an 11 track album also released on the Bubblegum label.
In December 2011 The Hardy Boys played their final show at Glasgow Popfest.

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Wonderful Lie (12") late 1989
on Stella Five - STEL 11
- Wonderful Lie
- How Can You?
- Fifteen
- Harbour Lights
Let The World Smother You (CD5)
on Egg Records EGGREST 10
- Let The World Smother You
- Plink Plonk Fizz
- Send Me A Sign
- Storm
Wonderful Lie (12") 10-Sep-2015 - More details
on Firestation Records - FST 128
- Wonderful Lie
- How Can You?
- Fifteen
- Harbour Lights
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