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The Happy Few
Fortuitous coming together of five UEA students in the Autumn of 1980 through mutual interest in smoking and proximity of rooms in bleak ex-army barracks just outside Norwich. Overheard making a good noise in rehearsals, they were selected to provide a couple of tracks for the "Norwich A Fine City" album. Eclectic tases of band members led to an interesting mix of poppy post punk sounds. Unusually tight given the various states they found themselves in; the band's high point was a John Peel session recorded in 1982. They turned down Backs Records offer in 1981 for a Cherry Red deal that was never realised. They then secured distribution deal with Rough Trade for own label "Smug" in 1981 but initial planned release of first single was thwarted by manufacturers of the record who took their money (and many others) before going bust. Finally got a single out in 1982. Played only a few gigs but still tended to change their set a lot. Played with The Higsons, The Farmers Boys, Screen Three, Aztec Camera, Flock of Seagulls, The Blue Orchids, Ben Watt and Tracey Thorne.

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Shut (7") 1983
on Smug Records - Smug 1
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