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Gudvil formed in Norwich, UK, in late 1983. Originally the name was "Ludvig" but while making a typical cut-out-letters punk poster for the first gig, it was decided to reverse the G and L to make a more memorable name.

The original sound was a brutally amateurish improvised lurching punk mess with sporadic spoken/shouted interjections from vocalist John Viles. Over time and with several line-up changes the sound developed to the point where comparisons with The Fall were often made.

Norwich indie label Backs Records released "Poot", a 4-track EP in 1986. The lead track was played five times by John Peel on his Radio 1 show, and he contacted the band to express his enthusiasm. Unfortunately this enthusiasm was not shared by the record-buying public, and the disk was not a success. The only further release was a Stooges-influenced piece entitled "Willies" on a self-released compilation by a collective of East Anglian acts titled "Seven Deadly Sins, 15 Deadly Songs (1987). The band split shortly afterwards.

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Poot EP (12") 1985
on Backs Records - NCH104
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