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(United Kingdom) London
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New Fosca album  (30-Jun-2008)
Nervous, London (CD5) Sept 1999
on Something Velvet - Velvet 001
- File Under Forsaken
- He's No Help
- The Followers
The Agony Without The Ecstasy (CD5) June-2000
on Shinkansen Recordings - SHINKANSEN 25
- The Agony Without The Ecstasy
- Confused And Proud
- Weightless
On Earth To Make The Numbers Up (CD) late 2000
on Shinkansen Recordings - SHINKANSEN 26
- Assume Nothing
- It's Going to End In Tears (All I Know)
- Live Deliberately
- On Earth to Make the numbers up
- Storytelling Johnny
- The Agony Without The Ecstasy
- The Millionaire of Your Own Hair
- There Is Another Country
Supine On The Astroturf EP (CD5) 2001
on Shinkansen Recordings - SHINKANSEN 32
- My Body Isn't Me
- Square in the Social Circle
- Supine on the Astroturf
Secret Crush On Third Trombone (CD5) April-2002
on Shinkansen Recordings - SHINKANSEN 36
- Diary Of An Antibody Entries 1-22
- Diary Of An Antibody Entries 23-30
- Secret Crush On Third Trombone
Diary Of An Antibody (CD) July-2002 - More details
on Shinkansen Recordings - SHINKANSEN 38
- Secret Crush on the Third Trombone
- Idiot Savant
- The Director's Cut
- Oh Well There's Always Reincarnation
- Universal Gatecrasher
- Supine on the Astroturf
- I'm on Your Side
- Letter to Saint Christopher
- I Know I Have Been Happier
- Rude Esperanto
The Painted Side Of The Rocket (CD) Summer 2008
on But Is It Art? - ART 008
- Come Down From The Cross (Someone Else Needs The Wood)
- Confused And Proud
- Don't Be A DJ
- Evening Dress At 3PM
- Head Boy
- I've Agreed To Something I Shouldn't Have
- In-Joke For One
- It Only Matters To Those To Whom It Matters
- Kim
- We See The World As Our Stunt Doubles
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