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The Family Way
Don't know a huge amount about this interesting band, but I'll add what I've got.

I originally heard them sometime in the 90s through their track on the terrific Fortuna Pop! 7-inch comp "Work is a Four Letter Word" (no date).

Several 7-inches followed, as detailed below. There may have been others.

The music is some cross between hillbilly rock and lurid melodramatic comedy/horror music, with male/female vocals. The various inserts depict an extended family of musicmakers. "Amsterdam" is epic. I can't imagine what they were like live.

My understanding is that the person doing the dazzling lead guitar is the very terrific Peter Momtchiloff, formerly of Heavenly and Marine Research (a.k.a. "Cousin Mortimer").

I'd call them an excellent band. Probably not really "twee," but kind of with one foot in twee and the other in a sort of Carter Family/Cramps/Tom Waits/Cowsills-gone-bad universe. I wish they kept it going.

"Moonshine" / "You Fill My World" single (Where It's at is Where You Are #2).

"Sugar Baby Love" / "Tomorrow's Man" (English Ruffian #Ruff001).

"Amsterdam" / "Nine x Nine" single (Where It's at is Where You Are #13).

plus: "Sweet Little Nothings" from the 'Work is a Four Letter Word' 7-inch compilation (Fortuna Pop! #FPOP3).

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Moonshine (7") 1997
On compilations:
on Fortuna Pop! - FPOP 3
- Sweet Little Nothings
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