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Clark Springs
(United Kingdom)
About clark springs (the Rain)
Original members Nigel Rivers, Chris Morrell and Clive Stubbings... "Friends Of Mine" was the name on the first "demo".. Clive on guitar and writing..Nigel on Bass and Chris on Drums and vocals.. Clive took centre stage and the band became"the Rain".Clive guitar and vocals,Nigel on Bass Chris on drums... Nigel had other commitments..a new bass player was sought..Lloyd Sparkes and Tony Duckworth were courted Tony recorded "Tom Paine" ,but had other commitments at the time... Karen was recruited via the Melody Maker,and "The Rain" started gigging and recording. Karen decided to leave.. Tony Duckworth joined and " To the Citadel" was recorded.
Indie label "Medium Cool" became involved."The Rain" gigged as part of the "Medium Cool" stable..."The Rain" became "Clark Springs" due to a name clash with Liam Gallaghers first band...all previous releases had to be retrospectively re-named as "Clark Springs"...the band's career declined from then ,they bowed out gracefully,leaving a record of a few fine recordings on vinyl and cd....
One such vinyl recording is the Summershine release listed here..."Talking Kent State" ..referring directly to Neil Young's "Ohio" and employing all the Space-folk rock influences of The Byrds,channelled through William Blake and Dylan. "Jonathon Richman fronting the Jam" was a quote from A Melody Maker review of the album "To the Citadel" that the band could all live happily with.
Chris Morrell 2010

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Talking Kent State (7") 1992
on Summershine Records - SHINE 017
- Talking Kent State
- Martha (The Watercress Girl)
My World Revolves All Around Her (7") 1993
on Orangewood Records
- My World Revolves All Around Her
- Alternative Monday Afternoon
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