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The Cannanes
(Australia) Sydney 1984
The CANNANES (in a nutshell)

The Cannanes have been described as 'the world's most indie band' but despite never having a manager, agent or signing a recording deal they have toured the world, produced numerous recordings, and been recognized internationally as one of Australia's best known bands. Even Kurt Cobain listed the Cannanes as a band he liked in his journal. The Cannanes have always stayed true to their independent beliefs and according to Stephen O'Neil will be playing until they die.

The bands recordings have been released on labels in Australia, the USA & the UK and their nine CD/LP's 'Caveat Emptor', 'Witchety Pole', 'Short Poppy Syndrome', 'A Love Affair With Nature', 'The Cannanes', 'Arty Barbecue', 'Living The Dream', 'Communicating At An Unknown Rate' and 'Trouble seemed so far away' as well as a whole bunch of CD/EP's + 7" & 12". (see their web site for a complete + up to date discography)

Since the Cannanes' first release 'Bored Angry and Jealous' was named Single of the Year by UK music magazine NME in late 1986 the band has attracted an ever expanding international following. Based in Sydney Australia the band has had a lengthy recording career, toured extensively in Australia and completed six tours of the USA. They've played at The Knitting Factory and Maxwells in New York and as far afield as Nashville, Tennessee and Olympia. While in Chicago two members of the band recorded a number of songs with punk legend Mark Perry under the watchful eye of Steve Albini. The 1998 tour took them to Japan for the first time, and in 1999 they completed their 1st World Tour with shows in England, Scotland, Germany, Holland, U.S., Canada & Japan. A definite highlight of this tour was the honour of playing at the 3rd Yoyo festival held in Olympia (Washington State). 2000 - 2001 saw two more US tours (East then West) and a swag of new releases including the exceptionally well received collaboration with Steward of Boyracer fame 'Communicating at an unknown rate'

Many releases have achieved widespread airplay, particularly on US College Radio hitting number one on numerous charts as well as appearances in CMJs' top 100. They have rated extensive mentions in SPIN Alternative Record Guide, Trouser Press Guide to 90's Rock, Virgin Encyclopedia of Indie & New Wave, The Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and in 1997 co-published with Woozy magazine their own autobiography 'Baby Take a Bow' in the UK.

Over the years the band has also contributed to literally scores of compilation projects released in many different countries. Those they are most proud of are 'Fortune Cookie Prize' (which raised more than US$ 15,000 for Sasha Bruce Youthworks (a Washington DC homeless refuge) and more recently 'Indie Aid Abroad: A Little Help for East Timor' (which raised over AUD$3000 all of which went to aid projects).

Recent recordings have included collaborations with New York based loop wizard Explosion Robinson and from Leeds England Stewart Anderson (aka Steward) among others. Recording is currently underway on a 3" CD to be released soon by New York DJ Douglas Wolk (WFMU), completion of new full length CD 'Nobody Loves An Albatross', a 'Best of ~ so far 'Pillars for posterity' and other projects (including extensive touring in 2005/06) far too numerous to mention here.

Current lineup:
Stephen O'Neil [guitar]
James Dutton [guitar]
Frances Gibson [vocals, keyboard, tenor recorder ,flute]
Richard King [drums, percussion, vocals]
Penny McBride [trumpet, vocals]

For more information on The Cannanes (than you can shake a stick at!) MP3s etc. check out the official site listed above.

by Stephen O'Neil for TweeNet

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No-One E.P. (7")
on Internat. Pop Under.
Broken Bottles (7") 1992
A Fine Line between Pleasure and Pain (7") 1998
on Harriet Records - 45
On compilations:
Diamonds And Porcupines  (LP) 22-May-1989
on Beat All The Tambourines / Pastell
- Felicia
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