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(Germany) Hamburg
Camping was founded in 1993 as a solo-project by Henning Fritzenwalder, former member of "My Guru Says" and "Die 5 Freunde". First demos were recorded in 1993 with the help of Gerrit Herlyn ("Red letter day") and Clemens Kinder and convinced Marina record to sign the project immediately. Recordings were produced by Thies Mynther and Clemens Kinder ("Phantom & Ghost"), the former manager of "Die 5 Freunde". The band played its first album live only on two occasions in Hamburg in 1994, were it presented its sound as a 8-piece orchestra, complete with a string section. On this occasion, Camping was completed by Thomas Mydlach, guitar, Sandra Z., drums, Jan Gaertner, violin, Ruth May, violin, Oliver Demmer, clarinet, Clemens Kinder, cello and Ole, cello. As the band wasn't able to go on tour as a complete group, Henning decided to form a 4-piece band which included himself, Thomas Mydlach, guitar, Sandra Z., drums, Jan Gaertner, bass. In 1995 the band did some touring and Tillman Zuper replaced Sandra Z. on drums. Due to minor success, the band split up in 1997. Camping stayed a solo-project and was seen on the "Paradies der ungeliebten"-Tour with Tom Liwa in 1998 in several places. Recordings for the last album started in 2001 in Berlin and two live sets were played in 2002 in Elmshorn and Berlin (Germany), featuring Stephen Gardner ("Lorelei" and "Chessie") Although the album was featured as an album of the month on BBC world, only little numbers have been sold. The band currently continues as a solo project, supported by Ben Bailes ("Chessie") and Stephen Gardner, writing material for the next album.

Henning F, 2007

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Maritime Strick- und Regenmoden (CD) 1995
on Marina - MA15
- Wenn Die Stadt Schläft
- Besuch-Fast Nackt
- Liebestelephon
- Paris Und Du
- So Wie Du Bist
- Wunderbares Mädchen
- Unterwegs
- Schreiben
- Schlagen Oder Küssen
- Weiter
- Von Verpassten Gelegenheiten
Gas & Freizeitshop (CD) 1997
on Langstrumpf/TIS
Suburban Shore (CD) 2004
on Plugresearch
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