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Calendar Dream
The calendar Dream came from the product of the Leicestershire upper school system and self obsessed teenagers listening to 60s music while slightly drunk on compass lager.The original Band were called The Colour Scene and consisted of Howard Fairey Ian Parr Tom Crevette and Danny English but had to change the name for obvious reasons. After their first gig they were joined by Robyn Gigson of fellow Twee shoe gazing flower shirt wearers and excellent indie band the Ammonites. The band released Captain Blues 12" single in the hope that mass Dreammania would follow it didn't. After 10years and various band member changes the band split....But its not all over Robyn went on to join Ambrose Tompkins and The Junipers Howard had a stint in The Creams and after a 5 year hernia Ian Howard and Robyn with new member Peter Stafford are back in the studio still getting drunk on cheap lager and laying down the psychedelic groove!!dig. look up

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Pauper In Paperland (K7)
on Rutland Records - RUTT24
BBC Sessions (K7)
on Rutland Records - RUTT29
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