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The Sunny Street
(United Kingdom) London
The Sunny Street is pop band based in London. Taking their musical cues from such touchstones as New Order, Felt, Brighter and Trembling Blue Stars, they started The Sunny Street in 2006 after moving to London.
Their sound is captivating and melancholic, capturing the fragile and haunting feelings that go along with love and life.
Their 2007 album They Hurt You Everyday on Sweden's Lavender label is a real treat, a gentle swoon of acoustic guitars and the most hushed of vocals, wrapped around tunes that really stick in the head.
They realeased two singles in 2008, a split 7" on Slumberland records and a ep on Cloudberry records.
Their sophomore album 'Hidden for decades' has been released on April 2011 on Plastilina records.

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They Hurt You Everyday (CD) 2007
on Lavender Recordings
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