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Pocketbooks are a pop group from London, combining melodic harmonies, spiralling guitars and descriptive storytelling. The band members are Andy Hudson, Daniel Chapman, Emma Hall, Ian Cowen and Jonny Tansey.

The band formed in 2006, and appeared on a compilation, The Kids At The Club, later that year. In April 2007, Pocketbooks played the first ever Indietracks event on a 1950s steam railway in Derbyshire. This show coincided with the release of the band’s debut single, Cross The Line, on Atomic Beat Records. A year later, Pocketbooks released an EP Waking Up on Make Do And Mend Records.

The band’s first album, Flight Paths, was released in July 2009 on How Does It Feel To Be Loved?. The album contains the single Footsteps and the track Fleeting Moments, which appears on the Rough Trade Shops Indiepop ‘09 compilation.

The second Pocketbooks album, Carousel, was released in September 2011 on Odd Box Records, preceeded by the single Promises, Promises. The band were joined for the album recording by violin players from A Little Orchestra.

Pocketbooks have played live shows across the UK, Europe and the United States, including festival appearances at Offset, Indietracks and Rip It Up, and popfests in London, Edinburgh, New York and San Francisco.

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Cross The Line (7") 2007
on Atomic Beat Records - ABR002
- Cross The Line
- Every Good Time We Ever Had
Waking Up EP (CD5) April 2008 - More details
on Make Do And Mend - 001
- Waking Up
- Falling Leaves
- Love Is A Stick You Throw
- Don't Stop
Flight Paths (CD) 2009 - More details
on How Does It Feel To Be Loved - HDIF006
Also on: Universal (CD) - for Philippines
Also on: Happy Prince (CD) - for Japan
- Footsteps
- Fleeting Moments
- Camera Angles
- The Outskirts of Town
- Cross The Line
- Skating on Thin Ice
- Sweetness and Light
- I'm Not Going Out
- Every Good Time We Ever Had
- Paper Aeroplanes
- All We Do Is Rush Around
Promises, Promises (MP3) 17-July-2011 - More details
on Self Released
- Promises, Promises
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