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Bomb Pops
(United States) Minnesota
Bomb Pops were formed in 1992 by Rick Durgin (rhythm guitar and lead vocals) and Bryan Hannah (lead guitar, bass, drums, keys) in Minneapolis, MN. They wrote and recorded four songs in their first month of existence, three of which were released on the Audrey's Diary label as a 7" ep entitled "Paler." They were soon joined by Andrea Troolin (bass and cello). Over the next two years, they would record two further 7" singles, a compilation track, and a few others. They played only four gigs, one with Steve Itner of The Hang Ups joining them on drums, before disbanding in 1994.
Troolin founded the Grimsey Records label and, in 1999, added a compilation CD of all the Bomb Pops' recordings to Grimsey's catalog. At one time or another, both Durgin and Hannah worked with The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group. Troolin recorded a version of "It's Love" as You Bet! for Le Grand Magistery's el Records tribute.

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Paler (7") 18-Apr-1993
on Audrey's Diary - 002.93
Girl Daredevil / Riverside (7") 1994
Won't Find It (7") Apr 1997
on The Bus Stop Label - BUS 38
Recommended For Diversion Seekers (CD) 1999
on Grimsey Records - GRIMSEY 015
On compilations:
Lemonlime Volume One  (CD) 25-Jul-1995
on Spin Art Records - SPART 39
- Love Me Nots
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