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The Beat Happening
(United States) Olympia


ALBUMS: Beat Happening(K, 1985), Jamboree(K/Rough Trade, 1988), Black Candy(K, 1989), 1983-1985(K/Feel Good All Over, 1991)<--i hear its gonna be reissued! YAY! Dreamy(K/Sub-Pop, 1991), You Turn Me On(K/Sub-Pop, 1992)

EP: Beat Happening/Screaming Trees(K/Homestead, 1992)

CASSETTES: Beat Happening(K,1984), Three Tea Breakfast(K, 1984), B.H./Vasalines(K, 1991)

SINGLES: "Our Secret"(K,1984), "Look Around"(K,1987), "Honey Pot"(52nd &3rd, 1988), "Foggy Eyes"(Chemical Imbalance,1989), "Red Head Walking"(SubPop,1990), "Nancy Sin"(K,1990), "Sea Hunt"(K/Bi-Joopiter,1991), "Not a Care in the World"(SubPop,1992)

COMPS: Lets Together(K,1984), Pursuit of Happiness(Sound of Pig Music,1984), Lets Kiss(K,1985), Distant Violins(Distant Violins,1985), Lets Sea(K,1986), Display Items For Supermarkets(Toytown,1988), Good Feeling(53rd&3rd(?),1988), SubPop200(SubPop,1988), Mondo Stereo(Tinnitus,1988), Pioneer(Bi-Joopiter,1990), Pluralism-D(Bi-Joopiter,1991),The Grunge Years(SubPop,1991), IPU Convention(K,1992), Pop Com Convention Sampler(SubPop,1992), Soluble Fish(Homestad,1992), Afternoon Delight(SubPop,1992), An Empty Threat(Atom,1992), International Hip Swing(K,1993), Revolution Come and Gone(SubPop Europe,1993), Say Hello to the Far East(Sony Japan, 1993), untitled(w/Cannanes&The Ex)(Kommotion,1993), Screaming Life(SubPop,1995)


ALBUM:God Dont make No Junk(K,1994) SINGLES: Canned Oxygen(atlas,1994), Dont Touch My Bikini(Fire(UK),1995)


COMPS: SubPop5(SubPop,1981), Absolute Elsewhere(Mr. Brown,1982), Lets Together(K,1984)


Cassettes: Live @ The Wash. Center for the Preforming Arts(K,1985), Your Pretty Guitar(K,1986), Donna Parker Pop(K,1987), Archer Come Sparrow(K,1988)

SINGLES(all released in 1989. one per month for 9 months!): "Sand", "Outside", "Breakfast In Bed", "Milquetoast Brigade", "Ribeye", "The Go Team Call", "Scratch it Out", "Tummy Hop", "The Pines of Rome"

COMPS: Birdcrash(K,1987), Display Items for Supermarkets(Toytown,1988), Re-New: The Love Rock Comps.(AL,1989), Diamonds & Porcupines(Beat All the Tamborines,1990), Pree-Moon Syndrome(Sun Dog Propaganda,1990)


ALBUM: Rhythm Record Vol.1(K,1995) EPs:Hands on the Dial(cassette)(Punk In My Vitamins?,1994), Industrial Breakdown(K/SoulStaticSound,1995), Ridin' Shotgun(K,1995)

SINGLES(all released in '94 on K except Industrial which was released in '95): "Dub Narcotic", "Bite", "Fuck Shit Up", "Booty Run", "Industrial Breakdown"


ALBUMS: C is the Heavenly Option(on Le Jardin De Heavenly by Heavenly)(K,1992), One Foot in the Grave(with Beck)(K,1994),

SINGLES:"Jackson"(with Pansy Division)(K,1995), "The Believers"(with the Make-Up)(K,1995)

COMPS: SubPop9(as Laura, Heather and Calvin)(SubPop,1983), Danger is Their Business(K,1983), Danger Business International(as Casey and Calvin)(K,1985), TeenBeat50(as Helter Skillet)(Matador,1993), Julep(as SlowPoke)(Yo-Yo,1993)

by hello kitty ( for the indiepop mailing-list Nov '95

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Beat Happening (LP+K7) 1985
on K Label - KLP001
- Our Secret
- What's Important
- Down At the Sea
- I Love You
- Fourteen
- Run Down the Stairs
- Bad Seeds (live)
- In My Memory
- Honey Pot
- The Fall
- Youth
- Don't Mix the Colors
- Foggy Eyes
- Bad Seeds
- I Let Him Get to Me
- I Spy
- Run Down the Stairs
- Christmas
- Fourteen
- Let's Kiss
- 1, 2, 3
- In Love With You Thing
- Look Around
Jamboree (LP) 1988
on 53rd & 3rd Records - AGAS 002
Crushing Through (12")
on 53rd & 3rd Records - AGARR 015
Sea Hurt (7") 1992
On compilations:
Diamonds And Porcupines  (LP) 22-May-1989
on Beat All The Tambourines / Pastell
- Cast A Shadow
Rough Trade Shops Indiepop 1  (CD2) 3-Oct-2004
on Mute - CDSTUMM 239
500 copies with free 7", released by the Rough Trade shop in London
- Indian Summer
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