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Baby Lemonade
(Scotland) Glasgow 1985-1988
I was a former band member i played the drums on the first single releases . started out in 85 Based in Kirkintilloch, Cumbernauld + Glasgow where we were low key in my front room of my parents house or in the house of the lead guitarist bedroom. soon we approached the studios in Charing Cross Glasgow city centre. In 1986 we made some copies of our music sent some samples to radio stations and from there we were slowly getting recognised.Such as John Peel whom loved it.
Jiffy NekWear Cretion Feb 1987 on a flexi disc. Secret Goldfish, Real world. were our second release June 1987 with a double A side Band brock away in the later in the summer 1987 then reformed a few months later but i had gone traveling so i was no longer a member, a few more months after a Lp was released in 1988 which i have never heard.

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One Thousand Secrets (LP) 1988
on DDT Records
Secret Goldfish (7")
on Narodnik Records - NRK 004
- Secret Goldfish
- Real World
Baby Lemonade (CD5) Autumn 2003
on Egg Records - EGGREST 5
- Jiffy Neckwear Creation
- Secret Goldfish
- The Real World
- Secret Goldfish (demo)
- The Real World (demo)
On compilations:
on Sha La La Flexis - BA 3
with fanzines "Are You Scared to Get Happy? #4" & "Simply Thrilled #3"
- Jiffy Neckwear Creation
Lemonlime Volume One  (CD) 25-Jul-1995
on Spin Art Records - SPART 39
- Local Drags
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