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The Palisades
Formed in Perth (Australia) in 1985 around the songwriting partnership of Ian Freeman and Jeff Baker, The Palisades went onto release a Mini Lp "A Month Too Soon" on Easter Records as well as recordings for local radio station compilations. In 1988, Ian took the final line-up of the band to Sydney while Jeff joined the Summer Suns and then the original version of The Rainyard. Ian later collaborated again with Jeff as the Mars Bastards. He eventually joined the remaining members of The Rainyard to form Header.

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A Month Too Soon (12") 1987
on Easter Records - XLCR 1
- Knight In Gale
- Sinking Ship
- Today Of All Days
- The Old Poet
- Alternatively Wednesday
A Month Too Soon (CD) (CD) 23-Sep-2004
on Egg Records - EGGREST 9
- The Old Poet
- Alternatively, Wednesday
- Knight in Gale
- Sinking Ship
- Today of All Days
- Light As Air
- The Jetty
- Mem'ries of Old
- Deaths Echoes
- A Month Too Soon (demo)
- Today of All Days (demo)
On compilations:
- Knights In Gale
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