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Look Blue Go Purple
(New Zealand) Dunedin
LBGP made their beginnings in 1983 in a Dunedin practice room under a motorcycle shop, using borrowed instruments they didn't really know how to play. But it didn't take these five women long to weave a bit of magic with the pieces of musical puzzle they were starting out with.

They layered vocal harmonies, keyboards and even a touch of flute over their trademark Dunedin guitar strum and backbeat to create a distinctive sound of their own.

LBGP were part of the second wave of Dunedin bands. They took a few clues from their mentors, bands like The Clean and the Chills, as well as contemporaries like the Double Happys, Verlaines and Sneaky Feelings, and quickly developed into a group capable of producing fresh, original pop with a sting in its tail". The band included four singer/ songwriters - all with styles that were distinctive without ever straying from the band's vision as a whole.

With guitars, voices and flute, LBGP produced multi-layered music that was big and warm but never overbearing. Maybe that's 'cos they're female - something that was never gonna stop the band from rocking out with the best of 'em when a song like 'Hiawatha' called for some real drive, but also giving LBGP a little bit extra, They were conscious of their unusual position in the male-dominated world of rock too, drummer Lesley Paris pointed out in a Listener interview, "lots of people, especially women, say it's really encouraging and almost inspirational to see us play".

Before the band called it quits at the end of 1987, ending things in style with a 'Going Out Ball' at Dunedin's Savoy Restaurant, they had recorded three EPs for Flying Nun. Those EPs are now collected onto a tastily wrapped compact disc and cassette entitled "COMPILATION- There's no vinyl 'cos all three EPs are still in print - so don't forget to give 'em a decent plug too while you're praising this to the sky!

Their debut EP, "Bewitched", was released in the middle of 1985 to widespread acclaim. Their second EP, "LBGPEP2" was released eighteen months later and marched all the way into New Zealand's Top 20. Featuring the ever-popular 'Cactus Cat', "LBGPEP2" added a little more spice to the ethereal "Bewitched" brew. Their final release was "This Is This", an EP which lead off with "I Don't Want You Anyway' another great pop moment pulled out of the hat and included four more delightful tracks.

taken from the Flying Nun website

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Bewitched (12") 1985
on Flying Nun - LBGP 1
EP2 (12") 1986
on Flying Nun - LBGP 2
This Is This (12") 1989
on Flying Nun - FN 117
Compilation (CD) 1991
on Flying Nun - FNCD 171
On compilations:
In Love With These Times  (LP) Apr 1989
on Flying Nun - FNE 028
- Cactus Cat
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