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The Jazz Butcher
(England) Northampton
Unbelievably talented band fronted through many incarnations by Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher himself.) An Oxford graduate and native of Northampton, Fish had previously released a post-punk single with his band The Tonix. He hooked up with debonair jazzy guitarist Max Eider and quickly set about producing some truly astonishing music.

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In Bath Of Bacon (LP) 1982
on Glass Records - GLALP 002
A Scandal In Bohemia / Sex & Travel (CD) 1984
on Glass Records
Two albums on one disc
Roadrunner (7"+12") 1984
on Glass Records - Glass 040
Real Man (12") 1985
on Glass Records
The Gift of Music (CD + LP) 1985
on Glass Records
Compilation of singles
The Human Jungle (7" + 12") 1985
on Glass Records
Angels (7" + 12") 1986
on Glass Records
Bloody Nonsense (LP) 1986
on Big Time
US compilation of singles
Conspiracy EP (12" EP) 1986
on Glass Records
Conspiracy (LP) 1986
on Glass Records
Distressed Gentlefolk (LP+CD) 1986
on Glass Records - GLALP 020
A Scandal In Bohemia (LP+CD) 1987
on Glass Records - GLALP 009
Big Questions (LP+CD) 1987
on Glass Records
Compilation of singles and b-sides
Fishoteque (LP+CD) 1988
on Creation Records - CRELP 027
Spooky (CD + LP) 1988
on Mercury - tba
Canadian only issue including CBC radio tracks
Big Planet Scarey Planet (LP+CD) July 1989
on Creation Records - CRELP 049
New Invention (CD5+12") Oct-1989
on Creation Records - CRE 069
Cult Of The Basement (LP+CD) Jun-1990
on Creation Records - CRELP 062
Sex And Travel (LP+CD)
on Glass Records - GLALP 011
Girl Go (12"+CD5) 1990
on Creation Records - CRE 077
Condition Blue (LP+CD) 1991
on Creation Records - CRELP 110
Issued in UK and USA
Waiting for the Love Bus (CD + LP) 1993
on Creation Records - CRECD 156
non-UK issues may have two extra tracks
Western Family (CD) 1993
on Creation Records - CRECD 148
Live album
Illuminate (LP+CD) 1995
on Creation Records - CRELP 182
Draining the Glass 1982-1986 (CD) 1996
on Fire
Compilation of Glass era tracks
Excellent! (The Violent Years) (CD) 1997
Compilation of Creation era tracks
Glorious & Idiotic (CD) March 2000
on Roir
Live set recorded in Hamburg, 1999...songs include Partytime/Raking Up Leaves/Just Like Betty Page/Baby It's You/The Human Jungle/Who Loves You Now?/D.R.I.N.K./Rain/Old Snakey/Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present/The Long Night Starts/Bigfoot Motel/
Rotten Soul (LP+CD) August, 2000
on Vinyl Japan - ASK 114
Pat Fish back with original cohort Max Eider
On compilations:
Doing It For The Kids  (LP+CD) 8.Aug 1988
on Creation Records - CRELP 037
- Lot 49
on Cherry Red Records - CRCDBOX10
- Southern Mark Smith
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