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Antiseptic Beauty
(England) Summer'90
Antiseptic Beauty formed in Derby in Autumn 1989 (originally as a 5-piece jangle band called Evergreen). Clearly, they were influenced by Felt, and by much of the 'C86' sound. There was a small Derby 'scene' developing at that time (including bands like White Town, and later, the Beekeepers). As time went on, their sound became a bit harder, more psychedelic and fuzzier.
They finally split around 1995 or so - good, but perhaps not quite good enough to go any further.

Steven Lawrie (The Telescopes) produced their 1992 EP ('Rising' -ATF)

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Flaccied Groove (FLX) 1991
on Celestial Recordings
Rising EP (12") Apr 1993
On compilations:
Big Muff  (K7)
on Big Muff Fanzine
- Vitreous
on Contrastes
- Nothing Gives
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