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The Lilac Time - Astronauts (Did Not Chart @26-Aug-2016)
Hopkirk & Lee (Cloudberry @22-Aug-2016)
Hockey Dad - Boronia (Did Not Chart @19-Aug-2016)
All Over the Place (Cloudberry @15-Aug-2016)
The Hello Strangers (Did Not Chart @14-Aug-2016)
The Moss Poles (Cloudberry @8-Aug-2016)
Hugebigmassive (Cloudberry @1-Aug-2016)
Fortuna POP! memories (Did Not Chart @31-Jul-2016)
Tropical Fish Invasion (Cloudberry @28-Jul-2016)
Rex and Dino (Cloudberry @25-Jul-2016)
Personal Best - I Go Quiet (Did Not Chart @24-Jul-2016)
Dora Maar - Flights (Did Not Chart @24-Jul-2016)
Empty Shell (Cloudberry @18-Jul-2016)
Zona by Young Scum (Did Not Chart @12-Jul-2016)
The Calloways (Cloudberry @11-Jul-2016)
Final Hour (Cloudberry @4-Jul-2016)
Riviera (Cloudberry @27-Jun-2016)
The Seaside (Cloudberry @20-Jun-2016)
Kylie Auldist (Did Not Chart @19-Jun-2016)
Martha High - Singing for the Good Times (Did Not Chart @19-Jun-2016)
Daryl and the Chaperones (Cloudberry @15-Jun-2016)
In Love With These Times by Roger Shepherd (Did Not Chart @12-Jun-2016)
The Cherry Brogues (Cloudberry @6-Jun-2016)
Smiles (Did Not Chart @28-May-2016)
Mary-Go-Round (Cloudberry @27-May-2016)
The English McCoy (Cloudberry @23-May-2016)
Greenfield Leisure (Cloudberry @16-May-2016)
Grant McLennan gig - some thanks (Did Not Chart @15-May-2016)
How to do Record Store Day (Did Not Chart @14-May-2016)
Buy the Grant McLennan tribute gig poster (Did Not Chart @13-May-2016)
Dance Stance (Cloudberry @9-May-2016)
Oslo House - Plateau (Did Not Chart @6-May-2016)
Peaness (Did Not Chart @2-May-2016)
Papas New Faith (Cloudberry @2-May-2016)
TV Girl - Who Really Cares (Did Not Chart @2-May-2016)
The Man Upstairs (Cloudberry @29-Apr-2016)
Boogaloo Assassins - One and Only (Did Not Chart @27-Apr-2016)
Didi & Dexter (Cloudberry @25-Apr-2016)
Pete Astor on Grant McLennan (Did Not Chart @20-Apr-2016)
The Ferocious Apaches (Cloudberry @19-Apr-2016)
City Yelps - Half Hour (Did Not Chart @16-Apr-2016)
Beatrice (Cloudberry @12-Apr-2016)
Culte (Did Not Chart @10-Apr-2016)
Grant McLennan poster by Paul Kelly (Did Not Chart @8-Apr-2016)
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