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Various Artists
The Waaaaah! CD
(CD) Sep 1991
on Waaaaaah - BULL 3-0
The Bedflowers - My Ex-Lovers Address
Confetti - Jenny
Confetti - Warm
The Cudgels - Summer Colours
Dalek Beach Party - Teddy Boy's Picnic
Dalek Beach Party - Way Out West
The Dufflecoats - Sunny Tuesday Afternoon
The Dufflecoats - Uncertain
The Duglasettes - Bellshill's Son
Fat Tulips - James
The Field Mice - Other Galaxies
The Haywains - Dusty Springfield
The Haywains - Kill Karaoke
Home And Abroad - Smokey Town
Home And Abroad - Wipe Those Tears Away
Kind - The House
Music Seen - Friend Of A Friend
Music Seen - Hairdresser In The Sky
The Red Alarm Clocks - Cobwebs
Strawberry Story - Ashlands Road
They Go Boom - Body
White Town - We'll Alway Have Paris
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