The Sound Of Leamington Spa
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The Candidates - Sound of Summer

The greatest songwriters and composers in the world are people who spend hours, days, weeks, months and years dedicating themselves to perfecting their art. Andy Goddard is one such great composer, a songwriter of great stature who has been creating dynamic tunes and melodies since the early 1980's.
Resident in Manchester, England, The Candidates' principal singer and songwriter Andy Goddard has survived the 'Madchester' and 'Dancechester' years to shout loud the message that great songs are timeless. Indeed, whilst Andy's newest projects appear to be of a more solo nature, the great songs that he and his band have in their pop catalogue require no fashion statements, no fickle imagery, no date stamp. These are powerful, well produced anthems and ballads that have both an edge and a great beauty.
Those who wish to find comparisons can find influences here courtesy of artistes such as Deacon Blue, Squeeze and Crowded House, whilst Andy's mastering of the piano draws added comparisons with the classic works of Del Amitri, Elton John and Paul McCartney. In addition to 'The Sound of Summer', the album 'Came To Cry' produced one of the classic pop songs of it's time in 'Wednesday's Child', a classic tale of youthful exuberance, the desire to drive at speed, spend money just as quickly and live fast for the weekend.

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