The Sound Of Leamington Spa
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The Hepburns - Andy & Valerie

The Hepburns have a new record. Yes, really. The same Hepburns, those of "Goalmouth Incident", "Electrified", and "The Magic of the Hepburns". Radio Khartoum will release "Champagne Reception" on 3" CD and 10" vinyl on October 16th. Welsh pastoralism, whimsy and ghosts, Jackie O, and all the cinematic flair that sailed over the critics' heads in 1988. A celebration (including live performance by the Hepburns) will be held Sunday, 24th September, at the Four Seasons Restaurant, Nantgaredig, Carmarthen, in Wales. entry. For details on the party, email Simon Wright at, for details on the record, visit Radio Khartoum at